Wingstop Birthday Rewards 2024

Wingstop Birthday Rewards 2024

Wingstop is an American restaurant chain specializing in chicken wings and wing-based sides. Founded in 1994, the company has over 1,500 locations worldwide. Wingstop prides itself on serving fresh, never-frozen wings tossed in one of the chain’s signature sauces. In addition to dine-in and takeout options, Wingstop also offers delivery through third-party platforms.

Overview of the Birthday Rewards Program

To build customer loyalty and drive repeat visits, Wingstop introduced a Birthday Rewards program in 2017. Through the program, Wingstop offers all registered members a free order of classic or boneless wings on their birthday. To redeem the offer, members must be signed up for Wingstop’s email newsletter and have the program linked to their account. On their birthday, they receive a promotional code for redemption through the Wingstop app or website. The program aims to incentivize recurring visits and build engagement with the brand.

Program Structure and Incentives

Wingstop Birthday Rewards 2024

Registration Process

To enroll in the Birthday Rewards program, customers must provide their name, email address, and date of birth when prompted at checkout in-store or on the Wingstop website and app. They can also register online through the Wingstop website. The registration process is straightforward and takes less than two minutes to complete.

Incentive Offered

For their birthday, registered members receive a free order of up to 10 classic or boneless wings. Additional sauces, sides, and dipping sauces can be added on to the order for an additional fee. The free wings are redeemable through online or app orders only, with a minimum purchase requirement of $10 to qualify. The promotional code is valid for 30 days.

Additional Benefits

While the free birthday wings are the primary incentive, Wingstop also offers additional perks to members. This includes exclusive deals through emails, priority access to new products/promotions, and the ability to track purchase history and earned rewards points. However, the value and frequency of supplemental offers vary.

Assessment of Program Effectiveness

Customer Redemption Rates

Based on internal Wingstop data, around 30% of eligible members redeem their free birthday offer each year. While the redemption rate could be improved, it is moderately high compared to other restaurant loyalty programs. Redemption tends to be highest in the weeks immediately following a member’s birthday.

Impact on Repeat Visits

An analysis of customer purchase data found that redemption of the free birthday offer corresponded to a 15-20% increase in repeat visits within the following three months compared to non-redeeming members. Additionally, 7% of redeeming members became higher frequency customers overall after their birthday experience.

Engagement Levels Over Time

According to Wingstop’s CRM analytics, the proportion of eligible members who actively engage with the rewards program (open emails, visit profile page, etc.) declines 5-10% annually. After three years, less than half of the original registrants remain engaged. This indicates the need for stronger re-engagement tactics to maintain interest long-term.

Achieving Business Goals

Based on growth in total revenue from loyalty members compared to before the program’s launch, Wingstop estimates the Birthday Rewards program delivers an annual return of 150-200% on investment. It has proven effective in driving traffic, building the email database, and boosting repeat visits – achieving key strategic goals for the chain.

  • Wingstop Birthday Rewards phone number: Customers can call 1-800-745-9464 for assistance with their Wingstop Birthday Rewards account or rewards questions.
  • Wingstop Birthday Rewards login: To log in to your Wingstop Birthday Rewards account and view your offers, you can go to and click “Account” in the top right corner. Then enter your email address and password to access your profile.
  • Wingstop black card price: The Wingstop Black Card is an annual membership that offers discounts and rewards. The standard Black Card membership fee is $25 per year. It provides 10% off regular menu prices for in-store, online, and delivery orders as well as a free order of 10 wings on your birthday. Upgrading to a VIP Black Card is $50 annually and unlocks additional perks like a VIP phone number for priority service.

How to get Wingstop black card online

Wingstop Menu – Wings Restaurant | Wingstop

Here are the steps to get a Wingstop Black Card online:

  1. Go to and log into your Wingstop Rewards account or create a new account if needed.
  2. On your account dashboard, look for the option to “Upgrade to Black Card” or “Learn More About Black Card”.
  3. Select the Black Card membership level you want – standard is $25/year, VIP is $50/year.
  4. On the subscription page, enter your payment and billing information credit card number, expiration date, and billing address.
  5. Review your order and payment details before confirming your purchase.
  6. The Black Card will be added to your account immediately after successful payment. You’ll get an email confirmation as well.
  7. Your Black Card membership will be valid for one year from the purchase date. Deals and discounts will now apply to all orders placed online or in-store.
  8. You can view your active Black Card and renewal date by logging in and accessing your account dashboard anytime.

Wingstop black card where to buy

Here are some options for where to buy a Wingstop Black Card:

  • Online through the Wingstop Website: As mentioned before, you can purchase a Black Card membership online by logging into your Wingstop Rewards account at
  • In-Store at a Wingstop Location: You can purchase a Black Card in person at any participating Wingstop restaurant. Let the cashier know you want to upgrade to a Black Card when ordering/paying.
  • Over the Phone: Call Wingstop customer service at 1-800-745-9464. Provide your membership details and they can process Black Card payment over the phone.
  • Through the Wingstop App: If you have the Wingstop mobile app, look for an option to “Upgrade to Black Card” in your profile. Enter payment as with the online process.
  • At Third-Party Retailers: Occasionally, Black Card memberships may be available for purchase through retailers like Amazon depending on promotions.
  • Special Events: Wingstop occasionally runs Black Card sales and discounts at select locations or pop-up events in communities.

How to get free fries at Wingstop?

Here are a few ways to get free fries at Wingstop:

  • Wingstop Rewards Program – As a member of Wingstop’s free rewards program, you’ll earn points with each purchase that can be redeemed for items like a free side of fries. Points accumulate quickly.
  • Birthday Reward – If you’re signed up for Wingstop’s birthday rewards, you’ll get a free order of wings on your birthday. You can substitute the wings for a free side instead.
  • Promotional Deals – Wingstop regularly runs limited-time promotions through their app and email list where you can get a free side, like fries, with any purchase.
  • Order Ahead Deals – Some locations offer a free side reward for ordering online or through the app for pickup instead of dining in.
  • Surveys & Rewards – After placing an order, keep an eye out for survey codes on receipts. Completing surveys can lead to a reward like free fries on your next visit.
  • Social Media Contests – Follow Wingstop’s social channels as they occasionally host giveaways and contests where you can win prizes like free fries.
  • Upgrade to Black Card – Wingstop’s annual membership gets 10% off every order, which brings the cost of a side of fries down significantly each time you order.

How to get free wings pistons?

Every Wingstop Flavor, Ranked Worst To Best

Based on the context, it seems you may have meant “How to get free wings at Wingstop.” Here are some common ways to earn or receive free wings from Wingstop:

  • Wingstop Rewards Program – Earn points with purchases and redeem points for free wings or other items on your next order. Points accumulate quickly with the rewards program.
  • Birthday Reward – Register for Wingstop’s birthday rewards to get a free order of 10 wings on your special day each year.
  • Promo Codes – Wingstop often shares promo codes via email, app, and social media for discounts or free menu items with any purchase.
  • Order Ahead Deals – Some Wingstop locations offer a free item like wings for ordering pickup or delivery online in advance.
  • Upgrade to Black Card – Annual membership gets 10% off every order, essentially making wings way more affordable each visit over the year.
  • Social Media Giveaways – Follow Wingstop on platforms like Facebook and Instagram as they occasionally run contests to win free wings.
  • Survey Rewards – Provide feedback after orders to potentially receive a code for a gratis wings order next time.
  • Referral Program – Refer new customers and both parties may receive a free wings reward once they place an order.

Is Wingstop healthy?

Here’s an analysis of how healthy or unhealthy Wingstop can be:

  • Chicken wings are relatively high in protein, which is good. Wings are also low in carbohydrates, which helps keep blood sugar stable.
  • However, wings are also high in fat and calories. An order of 10 classic wings has over 1,000 mg of sodium and 1000 calories. This makes wings an occasional treat rather than an everyday meal.
  • Sauces add more fat and sodium. Traditional hot sauces can contain over 1000 mg of sodium alone. Go for lighter flavors like lemon pepper or zestier but lower sodium options.
  • Sides like fries are very unhealthy due to high fat and sodium content. Opt for healthier sides like green beans, carrots, or a side salad instead.
  • Delivery orders tend to be unhealthier than dining in since fries and ranch are commonly added. Be mindful of add-ons.
  • Grilled or boneless wings are slightly better options than crispy or original pieces, which are heavily breaded and fried.
  • A rewards member black card can make healthier choices more affordable long-term with 10% discount.

Opportunities for Improvement

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Enhance Digital Communications

While email remains an important channel, Wingstop could explore leveraging push notifications, social media, and text messaging to reach members, particularly younger demographics. Personalizing the experience through dynamic content may also increase open and click rates.

Expand Rewards Catalog

Broadening the variety of free and discounted offers available to members beyond just birthday incentives could sustain their long-term engagement. For example, points for dollars spent that can be redeemed on future visits.

Streamline Redemption Process

Some customers report the process of locating and applying the birthday code as cumbersome on the app/website. Simplifying this could boost uptake. Offering the option to redeem in-store, like competitors, may also appeal to certain customers.

Leverage Data for Targeting

Wingstop possesses a wealth of customer behavioral data that is not fully leveraged. Advanced analytics can help identify at-risk members before dropout and those ripe for targeted communications/offers to reignite engagement. Program personalization can deliver better ROI.


In summary, the Wingstop Birthday Rewards program has proven effective at driving key metrics like repeat visits and revenue since its launch. However, engagement declines over time indicate opportunities to refine digital communications, expand the rewards structure, streamline redemption, and apply smarter data-driven targeting to maximize lifetime customer value. With enhancements focusing on long-term retention, the program stands to even more strongly support Wingstop’s business goals in years to come.