Wisconsin residents spent estimated millions of dollars buying weed in Illinois last year

Wisconsin residents spent estimated millions of dollars buying weed in Illinois last year

Wisconsinites shelled out an estimated myriad of dollars buying cannabis in Illinois during the past year. This figure reflects the burgeoning trend of crossing state lines to acquire marijuana in the Badger State, a practice that has been buoyed by the legalization of recreational cannabis use in the Land of Lincoln.

The influx of Wisconsinites purchasing weed in the Prairie State has been especially pronounced in the region surrounding the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Reports from local officials indicate that visitors from Wisconsin account for a significant portion of sales at dispensaries in the area.

Furthermore, a survey conducted by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation indicates that out-of-state customers made up 17.7 percent of sales in the state during the first two months following the legalization of recreational marijuana.

This trend has had a substantial economic impact on Illinois, as it has seen an influx of revenue from visiting Wisconsinites. The same survey found that out-of-state customers added $4.4 million to the state’s coffers over the course of the two-month period.

The figures also demonstrate the enduring demand for cannabis in Wisconsin, which has yet to legalize the drug for recreational use. In the absence of an active market, some Wisconsinites have turned to Illinois to meet their needs, leading to an estimated loss of millions of dollars to the Badger State’s economy.

The issue of marijuana legalization remains a contentious one in Wisconsin, with debate likely to continue in the months and years ahead. In the meantime, it appears that the demand for cannabis will continue to drive Wisconsinites to purchase the drug in neighboring Illinois.