With a Lamborghini on the road at 217 km / h: he was arrested

With a Lamborghini on the road at 217 km / h: he was arrested

For those who don’t know him, Cannonball it is car event that adds up hundreds of car owners from around the world, with the aim of showcasing and checking out the most sought after and sporting models on the planet. During a recent event in Irelandwas known by participant that, late compared to the group of other cars, he tried to close the gap with the group accelerating regardless. It was, in fact, arrested at more than 215 kilometers per hour with him Lamborghini and the result produced by the Irish law is very bad.

“Caught” by a speed camera with a Lamborghini Huracan EVO

The local police presented the news through the institution’s pages, which were rapidly shared on many social networks. A person behind the wheel of a car – maybe one Huracan Evo matt gray – his name is James Wall ed was caught on the N17, in County Mayo, at over 217km/h on a piece of road which the limit is only 100 km/h. By doubling the maximum speed limit, criminal proceedings beganas well as salty £5,000 fine. That person was later arrested and authority, immediately revocation of license and car impoundment.

Charges of authority

Inside of Twitter post (now X) of local authorities, we read a satirical note which reads: “See you soon in court“. The man was, in fact, taken to court from county Mayo for alleged careless driving, exceeding the speed limit and other charges. Even more funny the answer of man: “I have nothing to add, sorry: I just got that moment“. At the end of the hearing, the man was released on bail of around £500, pending a final hearing scheduled for October 17. According to several modifications, the person could also risk six months in prison, with the fine already paid at the County office. However, it appears that the Irish Cannonball claimed other victims that day. That social page also shows other subjects over 100 km/halways in the same stretch and, among these, Another Lamborghini Huracan STO also appears (in the picture below) at 159 km/h. However, no other people were named in the police communication.