With the EX30, its 100% electric small SUV, Volvo casts a wide net.

With the EX30, its 100% electric small SUV, Volvo casts a wide net.

Introduced to the world today in Milan, Italy, and available now in select markets, the EX30 is Volvo’s first premium SUV and brings the number of all-electric Volvo models to four, which continues to grow.

With a length of 4.25 meters, the compact SUV EX30 is Volvo’s latest creation based on the electric platform SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), which also powers Smart #1, the fruit of the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Geely.

As the market moves rapidly towards full electrification, the EX30 will help meet the growing demand for fully electric vehicles in a growing segment.

In addition, its attractive price will allow customers to benefit from a high-end 100% electric SUV for the same price as the same combustion engine car. “The EX30 is small but powerful because it offers everything you expect from a Volvo, but in a more demanding environment,” said Jim Rowan, Managing Director.

The car embodies all the brand’s design values ​​in a compact format. Long wheelbase, large wheels and horizontal overhangs bring balance and refinement to the exterior. It’s electric determined, with a confident look, a shield covered with a digital version of Thor’s hammer-shaped lights.

Electric vehicle available

Data from the brand’s initial analysis in two markets show that the total cost of ownership is currently lower than Volvo’s other 100% electric vehicle – and ahead of many competitors in the small electric SUV segment.

“We know that price and cost of ownership remain one of the biggest challenges when people consider switching to an electric car,” said Jim Rowan, chief executive of Volvo. “With the Volvo EX30, we aim to bring advanced electric mobility to a wider audience, helping to develop and accelerate the transition to full electrification that our industry and society needs,” concludes the general manager.

Battery technology was adapted to the needs of drivers

Volvo offers the EX30 with three different engines and two different battery types, which also help to provide an attractive entry price for the EX30.

If you spend most of your time in the city or tend to drive short distances between charges, Volvo offers the option of driving with an LFP battery. This standard frequency battery, which uses lithium metal phosphate chemistry, is “more cost effective and less resource intensive”.

To increase the range, the Extended Range Single Motor variant with the long range NMC battery is a good compromise. The NMC battery is made of lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt, and “generates its energy more efficiently than the LFP variant”. This choice of vehicles and long range allows you to travel up to 480 km between two charges.

For performance buffs, they can opt for the Twin Motor Performance variant, which combines an NMC battery with a second electric motor. This all-wheel drive variant of the EX30 produces 315 kW (428 hp) and takes you from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds – it’s officially our fastest car ever!

When it comes to charging, the dual-motor extended-range variant has a charging capacity of up to 153 kW, while the standard-range variant has a capacity of 134 kW. This means that the battery is recharged from 10 to 80% in more than 25 minutes. Thanks to the central screen of the car and the app, you can set the amperage, the maximum charge rate and the time you want to start charging.

Volvo has also improved the EX30’s chassis to make the most of its compact dimensions. “Its low center of gravity, along with its low and evenly distributed weight, increases portability and agility around town and beyond.”

Low carbon footprint, for increased safety

“The EX30 is designed to have the lowest carbon footprint of any Volvo vehicle to date and represents an important step forward for Volvo’s sustainability ambitions,” the automaker said in a statement. By addressing production and the entire life cycle, as well as the wise use of materials inside and out, the total carbon footprint over 200,000 kilometers of driving has been reduced to less than 30 tons.

In terms of safety, the EX30 includes a bike-specific safety device as standard that helps prevent “door” type accidents, by alerting you when you’re about to open your door in front of a cyclist, scooter or runner.

Refined and technological interior

Featuring a sleek Scandinavian interior design, the car incorporates advanced technology. Drivers have a choice of four different interior spaces, each with its own look, while smart storage solutions are offered throughout the cabin.

Combined with a single-screen, context-aware interface, and Google connected to the latest version of our infotainment system, these features reflect all the hallmarks of a true Volvo design.

Speaking of advanced technology, the EX30 is the first Volvo to include the next generation of its popular Park Pilot Assist feature. It can accommodate all types of parking spaces, including parallel, curved, perpendicular and diagonal herringbone spaces, making it easy to park in tight spaces.

The new “Park Pilot” assistance system will identify all available parking spaces near you. Then, once you touch the desired location in the new 3D user interface, this feature operates the stance and brakes, as well as the steering wheel.

Volvo has worked closely with technology partners such as Google, Apple and Qualcomm to provide the best user experience. A close partnership with ECARX through the HaleyTek software joint venture has been established to provide the best infotainment platform to our customers.

The EX30 will come with a digital key feature, which is very convenient and useful for sharing the car with others. Based on UWB and CCC industry standards, its technology will be compatible with a wide range of mobile phone brands and models.

Style first

From next year, the EX30 will also be available as a Cross Country version. Order books for this special edition small electric SUV will open in 2024, and production is expected to begin later this year.

The Volvo EX30 Cross Country will build on the long tradition of the Cross Country, a popular model range aimed at customers who want more adventures with their cars. It will have a range of modern equipment, such as increased ground clearance, 19-inch black rims and optional 18-inch rims with standard tires.