Wolff: We don’t see warning signs after exercise

Wolff: We don’t see warning signs after exercise

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Toto Wolff announces that Mercedes did not receive any warning signs after Friday’s practice in Monaco.

The Brackley team made a surprising decision to make its debut on the streets of Monte Carlo with a new aerodynamic concept for the W14 car. The team updated its design with new side panels, floor and front suspension.

In the second practice, Lewis Hamilton finished sixth, while George Russell took twelfth place on the table. Understandably, however, Mercedes’ focus was on gathering data on the new car’s specifications, rather than spoiling performance ahead of Saturday’s action.

In Monaco it is difficult to get any points said Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes. At least we didn’t get any kind of warning sign like bad behavior of the car. But I never heard from the driver that he felt good in Monaco! Driving here is always on a knife’s edge. We saw this with Sainz. I will hold high praise, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

The Austrian added that he was impressed with the team’s hard work, which has managed to prepare new Monaco Grand Prix features for both cars. The entire bodywork is different, we have a completely new front suspension and floor. Brackley has done a great job getting this to us. Now we need to start development from this base.