Work Smart Not Hard Online Club – Who Will Hold My Hand When I Jump Out of the Soup?

Work Smart Not Hard Online Club – Who Will Hold My Hand When I Jump Out of the Soup?

How to quickly find new, supportive people after deciding to leave the old, unhealthy environment? What tools will help you establish new friendships and business contacts? How to deal with rejection and practice self-confidence? We will talk about it at the next meeting of the Work Smart Not Hard Club – on July 20, at 21.00.

The meeting will be held online.
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Work Smart Not Hard club meetings are aimed at development and building good habits. Just to work smart, not hard. Success is one step away.

1. The aim of the ‘Work Smart Not Hard’® Club is to promote and fully implement the ‘Work Smart Not Hard’® method by Beatrice Bartlay.

2. The WSNH® Club is directed to all people who want to learn How to Work Smart and Not Hard®, and especially to those who do not have time, money and confidence.

3. Club meetings are organized once a month and last 1.5 hours in a series of 20 meetings.

4. The club meeting is conducted by Licensed Instructors of the WSNH technique

5. Plan:
– Hello 10 minutes.
– Topic Panel 50 min.
– Internet 30 min.

6. Participation in the Club meeting is free.

7. Spamming and Marketing involving overt self-promotion or underhand marketing: offers of support, giving away “freebies”, product demonstrations, invitations to “market research”, testimonials, asking people to message for additional information during a panel is strict. prohibited. People who do not respect these rules will be removed from the Club without the right to return.

8. Showcase and Business Presentation is a networking panel, where every member of the club has the opportunity not only to show themselves, but also to learn the art of Presentation according to the original method of Beatrice Bartlay, and as a special guest. while LIVE to present himself in the Work Smart Not Hard group or the International Business Development Forum or Working Women. Such requests should be entered under a special post in the groups mentioned above

9. Every Club member can get free training materials and amazing things prepared by our Trainers

10. The number of places in the Zoom room is limited. To reserve a place, please check in 10 minutes before 20:50.

Beatrice Bartlay of Polish origin, entrepreneur, coach of international business and personal development, winner of many prestigious British awards and business nominations awarded, among others, by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Plebiscite Winner “Business Promotion of Polish Women in the World”

In March 2018, she was selected by the British Federation of Small Businesses in the Top 100 Women role models in business.

Author of the books “Work Smart Not Hard ™”, “Women in Career”, and the eBook “Liberty-Women Mean Business”. Co-author of the book “Inspiration of Women’s Business”.

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