World premiere of 5 million euros and the fastest electric car in the world: see the five most expensive cars of the Zoute Grand Prix (Knokke-Heist)

World premiere of 5 million euros and the fastest electric car in the world: see the five most expensive cars of the Zoute Grand Prix (Knokke-Heist)

© rr, jve

Let the corks pop: today the Zoute Grand Prix 2022 has started, a multitude of car enthusiasts and constructors. The most expensive and exclusive cars in the world are on display. From the Ferrari that will soon change hands for 4 million euros to the Bugatti of which only 99 were made: these are the five most interesting cars coming to Knokke-Heist.

Junior Verbeeke

1) Bugatti W16 Mistral – 5 million euros

The chance that you will meet this car on our roads is almost non-existent. Only 99 units of the Bugatti W16 Mistral were produced. And yes, they all sold out in no time. The 16-cylinder car is considered a luxury project and is the latest derivative of the W16 series. The price tag? 5 million euros. A Dutchman, among others, managed to buy one. (Read more below the picture)

Bugatti W16 Mistral. © rr

2) Rimac Nevera – 2 million euros

The Rimac Nevera, a hypercar, is the fastest electric car in the world. Example: something accelerates from 0 to 300 km / h in a few seconds, without you noticing. It is the first time for Rimac to visit the Zoute Grand Prix. Only 150 pieces will be made of Nevera, named after the storm. This car is yours for only 2 million. (Read more below the picture)

Rimac Navera. © jve

3) Ferrari 288 GTO Coupé from 1985 – 3.7 million euros

Also this year, the well-known Bonhams Sale will be organized on Sunday: around 75 unique cars will go under the hammer. Last year the safe raised about 12 million euros, this year the Bonhams auction house is aiming for 20 million. The show piece? Ferrari 288 GTO Coupé from 1985, a gem that will usually change hands between 3.7 and 4.1 million euros. 272 units of this car were built. (Read more below the picture)

Ferrari 288 GTO Coupe from 1985. © rr

4) 1957 MW 507 Series I Roadster

Another eye-catcher during the Bonhams Sale: BMW 507 Series I Roadster from 1957. There are only 34 of this type out of 252, including the Series II. A white road must cost at least 2 million euros, although that price can still rise to 2.5 million euros or more. (Read more below the picture)

BMW Roadster from 1957. © rr

5) Ferrari 250 GT/L ‘Lusso’ Berlinetta from 1963

It has unique and very beautiful numbers, with a price tag of around 1.85 million euros: Ferrari 250 GT/L ‘Lusso’ Berlinetta. The car was owned by a Frenchman for 28 years, who is now selling it. 350 copies of this Berlinetta were produced, and this copy will also go under the hammer during the Bonhams Sale with an entry price of 1.65 million euros. Here too, there is a good chance that the final sale price, minus the commission, will still be significantly higher.

Ferrari Berlinetta. © rr