World Soccer Champion Julian Draxler joins the “Lion’s Neck” in Fulda

World Soccer Champion Julian Draxler joins the “Lion’s Neck” in Fulda

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Founders League – copy of “Lion’s Neck” (VOX) from Fulda – has a famous addition to its group of shareholders: world soccer champion Julian Draxler joins the online platform for startups.

Fulda – In addition to the football expert, who is currently on loan from Paris Saint-Germain to Benfica Lisbon, mathematician Daniel Jung and financial influencer Tommy Primorac aka “Immo Tommy” are also joining Fulda’s company. The “business start-up” receives a valuation of 6.5 million euros and investments, it announced itself.

“The Founders League is currently growing in the community in the startup area,” says Julian Rauch, CEO of the Founders League, in a press release. “We are very grateful for the trust of our supporters, because the funding is an important step.”

World Soccer Champion Julian Draxler joins the “Lion’s Neck” in Fulda

“In the future, we will continue to focus on promoting business in German-speaking countries, developing them and helping them find direction in their businesses. Together we can strengthen the German startup scene and represent it more to the outside world,” explains Fuldaer, with the same goal as “Lion’s Neck” (VOX).

According to the Founders League, the new investment will continue to expand the reach of the platform, with the aim of becoming the largest business angel and investor network for startups in the DACH region. The Founders League wants to use the newly acquired financial resources to give the founders “real steps and learn from each other”.

Managing Directors Julian Rauch and Marc-Niclas Janz (Head of Ventures) want to build the “League of Founders” as the largest network of business angels and investors for starting businesses in the DACH region.

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This is what the concept of the Founder League show looks like: Five startups each give a three-minute presentation of their idea, which is not only aimed at convincing the jury, but also attracting an important live chat on their part.

According to the Founders League, the live stream has more than 100,000 views per show. The platform reaches several hundred thousand contacts through social networks. According to the Founders League, more than 500 startups have applied since its inception. Exhibition designs are currently funded by donors.

These include organizations such as Google and American Express and companies such as Polestar and Shopware. The next live show will take place on June 7, 2023 in Mainz at the Mewa Arena with 600 spectators on site. The Pioneer League is planning a show format with 1000 spectators this year.

Background: Pioneer League

According to the Founders League, it is a platform for young startups and founders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The streaming model enables them to get valuable feedback right on the spot through an interactive live stream – whether from customers, business partners or investors. The founders are Marcus Diekmann, Johannes Kliesch, Benjamin Diedering, Marc-Niclas Janz and Julian Rauch, who is also the managing director. The seat is in Fulda. Famous football experts like Julian Draxler, Benjamin Henrichs and Luca Waldschmidt and other highly accessible people are involved in the internet platform for startups.

The company already has some success. The established Tailorwine is being tested in L’osteria restaurants across Germany. Footprint Technologies won a new investor and a new B2B customer. Bettergy won three Bundesliga professionals from Werder Bremen as new investors.

Meanwhile, the 13th season of “Die Höhle der Löwen” is run by Dagmar Wöhrl, Judith Williams, Carsten Maschmeyer and Co. In the second part, there is a couple from Hesse, who make their debut delicious for the lions they want. to do. It’s about traditional ramen soups in a jar.