‘World’s Worst Neighbor’ has no life, but it has Tom Hanks – 01/25/2023 – Ilustrada

‘World’s Worst Neighbor’ has no life, but it has Tom Hanks – 01/25/2023 – Ilustrada

The advantage of having Tone thank you in the cast is that he solves it all. He can be a castaway, a teacher, a lawyer, a running fool and say anything: you can never say he is bad. This time, in “The Worst Neighbor in the World”, he is an angry and ambitious Otto, a kind of mayor of the charming village where he lives, and while he lives, tormenting the neighborhood with his pettiness for small things.

You don’t need to be a fortune teller to know that, beneath the gloomy facade, lives one of the best neighbors in the world. Its movement from one extreme to another may or may not be interesting, funny or moving.

The truth is that behind Otto there is a story, his women. We get to know more about the plot with each failed suicide attempt made by the man, whose life has no meaning since his unforgettable Sonya left this world.

Perhaps what saved him from further attempts on his own life was moving into the house across the street from the brave Marisol, a Mexican woman. Marisol is what you can call it without restriction. He does not hesitate to knock on Otto’s door, to give it to him food -be a good neighbor, in short, almost without realizing that he is dealing with an insensitive widow, or almost.

One can accept the premise, however old it may be: behind the mask is a real human being. Our story will try to save him, but for that Marisol will have to sweat a lot.

When he struggles, the film grows at an annoying bureaucratic speed: nothing seems capable of bringing it to life, except some actors get -Marisol and, of course, Otto – and characters, like Malcolm, trans. Marc Foster pulls almost everything under his nose. For example, it is not clear that the theme of the film is not the effects of Sonya’s death on Otto as the end of the world.

Otto laments the end of the world he lived in with Sonya, where real estate speculation didn’t torment homeowners, where Americans bought locally made cars. United States (yes, we are in a large Ford and Chevrolet dealership), where when we spoke to the phone company there was a human on the other end of the line. It is the humanity that respects useless laws and disrespects those that might be useful that Otto refers to as the bank of fools.

That may be so, but his bad temper is easy to promote a kind of pocket Hawksianism. Except when he delivers flowers to the grave of his immortal loved one, Otto is untouched by anything or anyone. Make a nice gesture and he will respond regardless. This is how a sugar-coated plot twist is produced (the kind that, among us, would make Howard Hawks roll over in his grave; Clint Eastwood, whose film “Gran Torino” is a pale copy of it, don’t. smile too much either).

Does this mean that “World’s Worst Neighbor” is a bad movie? No, because there is Tom Hanks, and he can be given a worse or better role, he will always be able to respect him and find something interesting there. Additionally, Mexico’s Mariana Treviño, as Marisol, exudes a compassion that can infect even the depressed Otto.