Worship car and worship artist in Stuttgart: How Andy Warhol got his Mercedes SL – Stuttgart

Worship car and worship artist in Stuttgart: How Andy Warhol got his Mercedes SL – Stuttgart

Renate Wiehager (Head of Mercedes-Benz Art Collection) and Ulrich-Joachim Gauffrés from the Mercedes-Benz Museum in front of 300 SL Photo: Lichtgut / Ferdinando Iannone

Number 1 of Andy Warhol’s “Cars” series and his model can be seen for the first time at the Mercedes Museum until Sunday.

inside of Mercedes Benz Museum until Sunday, an amazing duo could be admired that has never been met before: the first motif from Andy Warhol’s famous “Cars” column and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” – and the original car that was his model. The fact that the two have now been together for a few days is due to a series of events and the intensity of some of the parties involved.

The native of Ulm had that idea

Pioneer of the Art of Pop Warhol did not come up with the idea of ​​immortality in famous artistic cars. Instead, the plan for this came from Düsseldorf gallery owner Hans Mayer, a native of Ulm. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the car, he suggested to what was then Daimler-Benz AG – as stated in a presentation by SL and the Warhol factory Monday evening at the museum – that Warhol should have the most important examples. car history has been processed into series. Those involved in Daimler at the time did not like that at first, because it would give the car manufacturers a competitive platform.

The Daimler people were enthusiastic

However, Mayer was so convinced of his idea that he loaded the sports car book, flew over to Warhol and asked him to make an example, so to speak, to persuade Daimler. The choice fell on the one shown in the book 300SL. Warhol participated, Daimler was enthusiastic about the results and ordered the “Cars” column in 1986. In fact, the column should include 80 works. When Warhol died a year later, 36 paintings and 13 large-scale paintings were completed. 30 silk screenshots and drawings are owned by Mercedes-Benz Art Gallery, original also number 1 of the column, with registration number EI-DR 1.

When the collector died, the car was sold

The book was considered the “Sports Car Series from 1945 to 1980” by Frank Oleski, published in 1984 by Motor-Classik-Verlag. Oleski photographed the 300 SL with a collector in Kösching in the Eichstätt district in Upper Bavaria, while Warhol retained the Eichstätt license number for his work. This made it easier to identify the car’s shortcomings and put it in the picture of course.

When the collector, the dentist, died, the family sold his car collection a few years later and with it SL, that was in 2020. And that’s when Axel Schuette started playing, according to a report by one of the most popular car dealers. in Germany, who was in charge of the presentation also traveled to Stuttgart specifically. He learned of the possible relationship between the Eichstätter 300 SL and the Warhol factory, researched it, and turned to Brabus, a car manufacturer who specializes in repairing Mercedes models specifically, and contacted Mercedes.

The worship car was greatly restored

The car, which was not in its original condition, was painfully restored, with Brabus placing 4,500 working hours spread over two years in rare. Mercedes Classic, based in Fellbach, created expertise that leaves no doubt that Andy Warhol used this car specifically as a model. Gullwing and his screen colleague can now be together for seven days in particular at the Mercedes-Benz Memorial Hall. Then the short relationship is already over, because Warhol-SL is coveted all over the world and is therefore already on Monday, June 27, carefully closed during travel. The diagram will be displayed at Petersen Vehicle Museum in Los Angeles and will be shown there until January 23.