Would Princess Diana oppose Harry going to America?  His heart would break

Would Princess Diana oppose Harry going to America? His heart would break

The royal family is not happy that Prince Harry has left for the United States with his wife and children. How would Diana feel about that? The expert reveals the details.

Princess Diana he was known for love trips to America. He associated this country with freedom, the freedom you want and being away from the strict rules of royal etiquette. Now her son has followed his mother’s footsteps and decided to move to the USA with his family. But will Diana accept Prince Harry’s decision to leave the royal family? The expert claims that he will definitely not like one thing.

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Would Princess Diana oppose Harry going to America? His heart would break

Ingrid Seward is an expert on the royal family and the author of many Windsor books. It was he who decided to predict how Diana would act if she were still alive.

The current situation in the royal family is very difficult. Even before the death of Queen Elizabeth II Prince Harry decided to officially resign from the royal family and leave Meghan and her son to the United States. His daughter was born there. Also in Los Angeles, he gave an inappropriate interview in which he talked about the dark sides of the “Company”, which the British court did not like.

Recently, there has been talk of improving the relationship between Harry and William – they were supposed to bury the hatchet during their grandmother’s funeral. However, the situation is still not perfect. What would Diana think of this?

She was smart enough to understand that Harry needed freedom from the royal family – and so did she – and could free herself from The Company to raise her children the way she wanted, wrote Ingrid Seward on thesun.co.uk.

The expert adds that this is the case Diana could have had a big influence on Harry’s decision. He himself was thinking of living in America.

Harry’s decision to leave the Company was probably influenced by his mother, as well as Meghan, as Diana often talked about living in America. (…) He was tired of England. The royal family put restrictions on him – or so he felt. Yes, their lives were quite different, but it seems Harry may have shared many of Diana’s sorrows before leaving England.

There is, however, one thing the duchess would not approve of. That is Diana would not be happy with her sons’ relationship.

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Diana would be saddened by the state of her sons’ relationship

While Diana would no doubt respect any decision – Harry and William – he would be very sad to see the current state of his sons’ relationship.

He would be sad if he knew that his beloved boys did not talk to each other – the expert added.

What do you think; what do you think Did Harry do the right thing leaving the royal family?

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