Wrecked 295-Mile Maserati MC20 Runner Sells for ,500 on Copart

Wrecked 295-Mile Maserati MC20 Runner Sells for $84,500 on Copart

An ill-fated 295-mile 2005 Maserati MC20 runner recently sold for an astounding $84,500 on Copart, an online auction platform for used and salvage cars. The vehicle, which was described as “wrecked,” had been driven for only eight days before an accident caused it to be sold as salvage.

The auction listing detailed the car’s misfortune: it had suffered “front-end, rear-end, roof, and undercarriage damage,” in addition to “minor side damage.” But despite its mangled condition, the MC20 still managed to fetch a price that was far above its estimated retail value.

The Maserati MC20 is a mid-engined supercar that was introduced in 2004. It was designed to be a lightweight and nimble vehicle, with a top speed of 205 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds. It is powered by a 5.0-liter V10 engine that produces 500 horsepower and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

The MC20 is a rare vehicle, and only a few hundred were produced before production ceased in 2006. As such, the wrecked MC20 that was recently sold on Copart was an extraordinary find. It was the only one of its kind listed on the auction site, and it drew a high level of interest from bidders.

The Maserati MC20 is a coveted model and, even in its wrecked state, it was highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts. The vehicle’s rarity and its low mileage made it an attractive prospect, despite the significant damage. Ultimately, it sold for an impressive $84,500, well above its estimated value.