Wroclaw Suzuki Days.  The revolutionary method of learning to play the violin returns after 9 years

Wroclaw Suzuki Days. The revolutionary method of learning to play the violin returns after 9 years

The Suzuki method has its own name Shinichi Suzuki – Japanese violinist and music teacher. It includes learning to play an instrument by imitation. This method was developed almost 100 years ago and differs from the classical method of learning to play instruments because of its general approach and the concept that a good person can be raised through music.

– Learning to play this way can be compared to learning to speak. When a child learns to speak, we don’t start learning by reading. The child listens to what others say and tries to imitate them. In a social context, he wants to do it not because someone forces him to do it, but because others do it, he explains. Pawel Puzanowskico-organizer of Wrocław Suzuki Days.

Violin and cello workshops using the Suzuki Method are returning to Wrocław after 9 years. They will be held on 9-11 June 2023 in Łukasiewicz Harbor at ul. Stabłowicka 147. The crowning event of the three-day course will be the final concert on the last day at 15:00. It can be attended not only by workshop participants, but also by all children who learn or have learned to play instruments using the Suzuki Method.

– What prompted us to organize a joint concert was the inspiration from the World Record of Guitars at the Market Square in Wrocław – he admits Pawel Puzanowskiwho adds that during the event, the organizers will not only focus on classical violin pieces, but will also want to show young Polish musicians and popular music that can be played on string instruments.

The three-day workshop will begin on Friday, June 9 and will last until Sunday. There will be at least two concerts each day as part of the event. Participants will also participate in several hour-long group classes. The program also includes art classes, lectures and traditional music classes.

The cost of participating in the workshop is PLN 490 per child or PLN 440 for the second and subsequent children from the same family. In addition, PLN 25 for a children’s lunch portion or PLN 30 for an adult portion should be added.

Workshop registration is possible through the form: https://forms.gle/ZaKEp3kyfK7jL1ov8and people who would like to perform at the Suzuki Open Festival for Children can register through the form: https://forms.gle/TmfEzwK5wGfHqdAUA.

Detailed information about the workshop and the festival is available by calling +48 604 21 29 65 or by email: wroclawvasihuzuki@gmail.com.