Wytheville PD search for woman in alleged car theft

Wytheville PD search for woman in alleged car theft

The Wytheville Police Department is actively searching for a woman suspected of being involved in an alleged car theft.

Law enforcement authorities have confirmed that a female suspect is being sought in connection with a reported incident in which a motor vehicle was taken without permission. The case is currently under investigation, and the woman’s identity is being withheld.

The Wytheville PD has released a statement urging any member of the public who may have information related to the case to come forward. The statement also stressed that any potential witnesses or individuals with knowledge of the alleged theft should contact the police immediately.

The police department is employing a range of investigative tactics in an effort to ascertain the whereabouts of the suspect. These include utilizing surveillance footage, canvassing the area, and interviewing members of the public.

At this stage, the authorities have yet to make any arrests in connection with the alleged car theft. The investigation is ongoing, and the Wytheville PD has vowed to continue its efforts to locate the suspect.

The police department has also reminded the public that anyone found guilty of motor vehicle theft can face serious consequences. They have urged anyone with information related to the case to contact the department as soon as possible.

In a bid to speed up the investigation, the Wytheville PD is asking the community to come together and help locate the female suspect.