you will be the first to see this new electric SUV with this unpublished photo

you will be the first to see this new electric SUV with this unpublished photo

Volvo’s website mistakenly revealed a photo of the future 100% electric Volvo EX30 last night. We reveal it to you, thanks to one of our readers. The Volvo EX30 will be unveiled on June 7.

Volvo EX30

The future Volvo EX30 is eagerly awaited. It is an electric SUV, but of a smaller size, a cousin of the Zeekr X, Smart #1 and Smart #3. The Swedish manufacturer (now part of the Chinese giant Geely) has already started its teasing campaign, with some images showing the shape of the Volvo EX30. But, on the night of Thursday May 25 to Friday May 26, one of our readers (thanks Jérémie) discovered an electric SUV without any camouflage, on the Volvo website. So we present it to you, a few days before the formalization.

Volvo EX30: this is what it looks like

Without much surprise, the future Volvo EX30 generally takes the lines of its big sister, the Volvo XC40 Electric Recharge. But we still see right away that it is the most difficult SUV, both in length and height. Since it takes the SEA base of the Zeekr X, we can expect exactly the same dimensions, which is to say a height of around 4.4 meters.

This image also allows us to appreciate the large rims that give some stature to Volvo’s future electric car. The front and rear LED lights seem to add character to the whole thing, but it’s hard to fully discern them from this side view.

But we can see the design of the rear, thanks to a mockup made by Volvo. By adding some light to the official photos, we can see the rear of the Volvo EX30 in more detail. Then we appreciate its slightly cut silhouette.

So we will have to wait until June 7 to have all the details of the car, and especially to know how its design looks in detail and also and above all, its interior. However, we already have an idea of ​​the technical characteristics of the Volvo EX30 thanks to its technical cousins. Liberty has just been announced by the brand’s executive: up to 480 km and a bigger battery. With a small battery, a range of around 350 km can be expected.

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