Youtube, Waze and Zoom will arrive in cars with Android Automotive

Youtube, Waze and Zoom will arrive in cars with Android Automotive

For Google I/O 2023 The company has announced plans to strengthen its offering of usable software original on software versions of Android Automotivenamely the ones we find pre-installed in more recent cars. Let’s talk about commonly used programs, which include YouTube, see, video conferencing software Grow, Microsoft Teams and also Webex and Cisco. not only, very soon the first games will arrive too. Google also aims to create a library of Android applications for cars with the help of third-party developers, who will therefore be able to collaborate in strengthening this ecosystem.

The willingness to start with additional video tools and video conferencing applications will greatly please those who need them for professional purposes, as it will allow them to make the most of their infotainment system and improve work activities between trips. But there are details that should not be ignored, since currently it is not common to find a webcam used for this purpose in information systems of this type: support will only be provided for the audio component and not for the video component.

When present, cameras are typically used as video surveillance features, parking aids and general surveillance functions. Google hasn’t addressed this issue and we really don’t know at this point if cars with Android Automotive software will be able to access internal cameras for video conferencing in the future.

06 Jan

Google has always had it a careful eye in terms of security and it was only last year that you expected the ability to watch YouTube videos while sitting in a parked car. Now the feature is ready to debut and will be available in the coming weeks starting with Volvo and Polestar cars, with other car makers coming soon.

To remove any doubts about it, it is good to clarify that this is a feature that will be it can only be accessed in vehicles with an integrated Android operating systemnamely, those that can access Android apps directly from the infotainment screen and also receive over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

There are fairly few cars of this type at the moment, but the list of car manufacturers offering cars with Android Automotive is growing. Apart from Polestar, only Volvo, Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Renault and Honda currently offer similar vehicles, but Ford will also soon offer new versions of its Sync operating system that runs on Google’s native software. of Android.

As for whether or not to include YouTube, Google says that it will be up to partner car companies to decide whether they want to load the app or not.

We conclude by saying that, with YouTube, all aspects of the conference call provided by new applications, where available, they will only be used when the vehicle is parked and the engine is switched off. As is well known, distractions while driving have always been a problem and since infotainment systems are becoming more complex, the problem has increased.

A recently published study on the National College website found that drivers using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, even if just selecting music to listen to, have slower reaction times than those who are intoxicated.

A definitive solution will be difficult to find, but it is still necessary to stop activities that can be done while moving and that endanger not only the life of the driver in question, but also pedestrians and other motorists.