Żabka Eko Smart – the first store in Poland that combines ecology and technology

Żabka Eko Smart – the first store in Poland that combines ecology and technology

The new store is in line with the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, one of the main areas of which is the care of the natural environment, as well as achieving climate balance by the end of 2025 and reducing the level of production in stores by 70% by the end of 2026, and increase the level of satisfaction. franchisees from partnerships and networks. Żabka Eko Smart is a continuation of the project implemented since 2020, located in Warsaw at ul. Lewandów, the chain launched the first 100% green energy store. The Warsaw Center is a laboratory where Żabka – often the first company in the world – tests around 20 environmentally friendly solutions, showing the direction in which the future of business will develop. The next step was the April 2022 launch of Żabka Smart at ul. Półwiejska in Poznań, where new technological solutions are tested to improve the work of franchisees. Now the network connects and strengthens both projects, developing a unique project – the first Żabka Eko Smart is located in Poznań at ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 2.

The smart solutions used in Żabka Eko Smart are not only for energy use, but also greatly improve the daily work of the franchisee and the service of the store.

The technologies used in Żabka Eko Smart focus on five important categories: green energy, second life, clean air, green transport and smart solutions.

The energy used by Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań comes 100% from renewable sources. The facility uses one of the world’s first perovskite reactors. It is a breakthrough photovoltaic technology that produces green energy from sunlight and artificial light. It consists of shutters that cover one of the walls of the building and price pieces placed in the center, known as price tags, which in addition allows you to store paper. There are also 15 photovoltaic panel modules installed on the roof of the shop.

The store offers modern, closed refrigerators that reduce the energy consumption necessary to cool the products, and their insulation made of hemp mats has very good thermal properties. It is an alternative to the widely used polyurethane foam, because hemp – as a natural material – is fully biodegradable. The glycol shelves placed inside the freezer cabinets are filled with glycol, which allows you to store cold and return it to the most important time of the device’s operation, which increases the safety of the stored products in the event of an external failure.

Customers can also use green energy directly – there is a solar bench in front of the store, thanks to which you can charge your phone.

The wall near the coffee machine was covered with coffee ground tiles and husks, which are the waste produced during the roasting and making of coffee, as well as resin. Before Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań, EKOmat, a device for collecting bottles and cans, could not be missed. Used, empty packaging collected in this way will be used to create new packaging for Żabka brand products, such as Od Nowa, Dobra Karma, Foodini, which have a carbon footprint 33% lower than that of traditional packaging. Żabka, with the help of EKOmat, has already collected 600 thousand. bottles.

Żabka did not forget about the franchisee and its employees, for whom T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton, dyed with ecological dyes, certified dyes, were prepared.

To reduce the amount of dust and harmful substances entering the air, one of the walls of the building where Żabka Eko Smart is located is covered with plants. They not only provide oxygen, but also take dust and harmful compounds from the air. A total of 532 plants were planted in 280 pots.

The effect of removing harmful substances will be further enhanced by the smoke barrier placed around the building, which – compared to asphalt – reduces the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the air by an average of about 50%.

The Internet also does not forget about cyclists. A bike stand allows you to safely leave your bike in front of the store, and the bike repair center next to the station will allow you to quickly adjust brakes and gears, insert wheels, and perform emergency repairs.

Smart solutions used in the branch “communicate” with the franchisee and retailers and “perform” certain operations in the branch. Thanks to the voice system, store employees receive messages about impossibility or information about situations that require human intervention, such as the lack of coffee in the coffee machine. As part of the Smart and Hybrid Store Management System, thanks to the appropriate sensors, the temperature in the store automatically adapts to the current weather conditions, the measurement of energy consumption and the integration of a different system allow you to control the correct operation of the equipment, and . Flood sensors detect faults in refrigeration equipment, thereby reducing costs and reducing storage time.

Żabka Polska Sp. z oo is the owner of the fastest growing chain of such stores convenience in Poland and one of the most dynamic brands in the world, opening more than 4,000 new stores in 2016-21. About 15.5 million users live no more than 500 m from the nearest Żabka. As part of the responsibility strategy, Żabka is committed to the field of healthy nutrition, services to enable sustainable living, entrepreneurship development, diversity and inclusive corporate culture, corporate governance as well as decarbonization and circularity. More information about Żabka Polska at: www.zabka.pl. Information about the Żabka Group can be found at: www.zabkagroup.com. Link to the 2021 Duty Report: https://zabkagroup.com/pl/nasza-odpowiedzialnosc/

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