Zhou sees Alfa Romeo’s chances of survival: “The team is very satisfied”

Zhou sees Alfa Romeo’s chances of survival: “The team is very satisfied”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Guanyu Zhou has legitimate hopes for a second year in Formula 1 with Alfa Romeo. Originally, the team had planned to take their young driver Theo Pourchaire to the cockpit of Formula 1 in the near future, but the Frenchman may miss out on the Formula 2 title as Zhou enjoys a good first season.

Guanyu Zhou has not yet secured his cockpit for 2023


So the voices that see Pourchaire as the only logical candidate for 2023 have subsided a bit. Zhou himself believes that he has done enough with his performance to stay with the team: “Fred (Vasseur, team boss; letter to the editor) and everyone at the factory are completely satisfied with my performance,” says Wachina.

Although he says that without multiple retirements and the crash at Silverstone he should have more than the five points he has now, “but things like that happen and the good thing is that everyone in the paddock saw my potential.”

As a musician, Zhou usually had a hard time at the beginning, “but I’m happy that I’m faster every time I ride. If I’m behind ten now, I’m not happy, while at the beginning I was maybe eight behind ten,” he says.

And he insists that basically he has never made a big mistake until now. “It’s good for the team and they’re very happy with my consistency and how I’ve improved my performance throughout the year so I’m not worried, Fred is happy with everything so I’m looking forward to it. keep working with them.”

The saga of Piastri without effect

The driver’s platform turned around very quickly during the summer break, but it seems to be slowly resolved with the announcement of Oscar Piastri. But Zhou’s camp hadn’t looked into that anyway: “We have our own plans, and it really had nothing to do with Piastri,” he says.

Theo Pourchaire would be a threat, but the Frenchman is already 45 points behind leader Felipe Drugovich in Formula 2 with three weekends remaining and has put himself in a bad position for a crash start to qualifying at Zandvoort.

And while Pourchaire has time to prove himself at Zandvoort and Monza before Formula 2 resumes at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Zhou has eight more to prove why he should be given a second season.

Many new routes in autumn

His goals for the rest of the season are twofold: to help the team and to develop himself. “I really have to get better, better and better,” Zhou said. “For us as a team it is clear that we have to develop the car for the next and future races to understand where our weaknesses are.”

“On the other hand, I know that I have many unknown tracks ahead of me in the second half of the season.” Singapore, Suzuka, Austin, Mexico and Sao Paulo are new territory for the Chinese, but although he initially feared that the new routes might be a problem, he is now more relaxed.

He still sees Brazil as a big challenge, where the final race awaits. “I’ve never been there and we only have one session before we go straight to the playoffs,” he says. So this is going to be a tough nut to crack. But for the rest, I don’t see a problem, I will continue as I was doing.”