Ztl in Rome, the protest continues: more than 110 thousand signatures have been collected

Ztl in Rome, the protest continues: more than 110 thousand signatures have been collected

The lesson Ztl green belt in Rome. Hot, hotter than ever. The latest news wanted a discussion table with the Region, to to make the changes requested by Gualtieri and try to meet the citizens, while we continue the way to reduce pollution. At the same time, however, The Romans continue their warto collect signatures and request the complete cancellation of the resolution.

Protest against the resolution

Hundreds of people were already called on Saturday 20 May, in Casal Bruciato, where Lega municipal leader Fabrizio Montanini and Capitoline leader Fabrizio Santori campaigned against Ztl, collecting about 400 signatures in one daywhich are added to more than 110 thousand collected through the change.org platform.

This is another demonstration against the resolution that would ban the circulation of Euro 4 diesel cars in the green belt from November 2023. The first, open opposition, had already occurred on May 10 with a demonstration in the Campidoglio, where hundreds of people and also several right-wing politicians participated. After that, the mayor had no choice but to announce that he was ready to amend the text. Not much is known about the changes, what they are and how much they will be, given that much depends on the response of the Lazio Region. Regarding this, Gualtieri said: “We are waiting for the Region, there are changes on the table“. And then he emphasized that “there are European and regional laws and regulations throughout Italy. In some cities this is normal. Some restrictions were not introduced by this plan, they were already there, but in Rome there is a tendency to ignore the law and rely on statistics: I will always get a fine. It’s a bad technique“.

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