2025 BMW M5 Wagon Confirmed for U.S. Market, Hybrid Variant Poised to Deliver a Whopping 738 HP

2025 BMW M5 Wagon Confirmed for U.S. Market, Hybrid Variant Poised to Deliver a Whopping 738 HP

BMW’s finest wagons are prepping to cross the pond. After years of pleas from power-hungry Yanks, the high-flying M5 Touring will allegedly touch down Stateside in 2025.

Insiders say this sleek sport-hauler packs more get-up-and-go than the upcoming M5 sedan, with a boosted hybrid powertrain to tow gear and tear up the tarmac. Cargo fiends rejoice – the touring model promises to swallow goods like an AC Schnitzer-tuned vacuum.

Bimmer faithful are already camped outside dealerships, rain or shine, pleading for a glimpse of order forms. But production doesn’t kick off until late this year. In the meantime, spy shots have surfaced of the long roof prototypes lapping the ‘Ring, their V8 choirs muffled just enough to heighten anticipation.

The rumor mill is spinning into a frenzy. Only time will tell if this storied wagon concept will cross the checkpoint into new territory. One thing is certain – the M5 Touring is primed to ignite passion on both sides of the Atlantic.

2025 BMW M5 Wagon Confirmed for U.S. Market, Hybrid Variant Poised to Deliver a Whopping 738 HP

Peel back the pinstriped wrapping and what lies beneath is anything but discreet. This M5 prototype wears its camouflage-like armor, concealing a beast that’s anything but stock.

Hawkish new haunches hint at widened flanks, poised to pounce on corner exits. And need us to mention the quadtail tantrum? Four snarling tailpipes promise a roar to raise the hair on necks everywhere.

Little else is visible, but eagle eyes have spotted staggered shoes—meatier mitts out back hint this brute likes its rear kicking. We’d place bets on Michelin’s finest rubber riding shotgun, primed to put down power.

The new G-body template is unmistakable, but this prototype’s proportions telegraph a wild child, ill-disguised under activist attire. Lurking under synthetic fabrics lies a wolf unbound, craving release from its concealment straight jacket.

Come the unveiling day, expect a beast revealed—and a new M5 poised to set enthusiasts’ pulses racing.

The M5’s mill will mimic the wicked XM’s setup — a turbocharged V8 mated to electric muscle. But insiders say it won’t just match the SUV’s 644 hp; oh no, this sedan aims higher.

Rumor has it only the XM’s Label Red ludicrous loadout will cut — a heart that unleashes 738 demon ponies paired with equal twists. That’s Hellcat territory, friends. No detuned tune here.

And it gets better. The whispers mention rear wheels getting their brains for torque vectoring antics. Opt for the million-poled footwear and this hybrid hell beast spins all four corners.

Drive modes will exorcise demons or harvest regeneration with the touch of a screen. Need drift mode? Launch control? It’s all customizable chaos.

bmw m5 touring teaser

The M5 promises to be wickedly wired, a true four-ring Frankenstein for the electric age. When it arrives later this year, get out of the way — because this beast is about to go ballistic.

While touring models of the mighty M5 once roamed German pastures in E34 and V10 days of yore, America remained an untamed frontier for the longroof legend. But whispers from Munich suggest that the era is ending.

Audi and Benz have blazed the trail stateside with wicked wagons like the RS6 and E63 breaking barriers. Fans clamor for their sport-slinging sleeper. BMW seems poised to heed the call at long last.

Rumors swirl the upcoming M5 will spawn a touring twin. And this time, the prodigal offspring may cross the pond uncharted before. Enthusiasts poised trackside scan the horizon for confirmation.

Details on the sedan remain shrouded, but the longroof promises its unveiling next year. Enthusiasts sit eager, visions of Flachbau filling their heads until news spreads the lost wagon is home.

After generations abroad, could the touring torch finally pass to the New World? Only time will tell if America welcomes the returning road-ripper with open arms. But fans are ready to embrace the prodigal beast’s return.