About Sasatimes

Sasatimes connects enthusiasts to the top restaurant email clubs in the USA and Canada, helping you discover hidden gems with perks up for grabs. Strap in and enter your coordinates – we’ll navigate you to the sweetest spots to fill ‘er up without emptying your tank. Restaurant email clubs are handing out freebies left and right, and SasaTimes will help you track down all the best redemption opportunities in your area.

Signing on the Dotted Line

The moment you sign up for these programs, you’re often rewarded with a free welcome meal or birthday treat. It’s their way of getting you into the driver’s seat of their loyalty program. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what they’ll send your way.

Preparing for Bountiful Brakes

Fasten your seatbelt, because the coupons will keep on coming like a nitrous-fueled flow of savings. Expect BOGOs on your signup anniversary, and discounts for dates like your wedding anniversary. Holidays are another gold mine – restaurants celebrate Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and more with incentives galore. Whether you’re grabbing grub solo or dining with passengers, these clubs ensure your tank is always full.

Navigating the Deal Dashboard

SasaTimes’s intuitive interface lets you scan your area for the best fuel-ups. Simply plug in your location and start your search – we’ll route you straight to each program’s enrollment page so the free fare can start flowing right away. Our goal is to get members the most mileage for their restaurant dollars. So don’t delay – sign up for savings today!

Back in the day, birthday bounties were only valid on your actual countdown, but times have changed. Now most clubs understand you don’t want to be corralled into celebrating on just that one date.

Rather than a singular freebie, many programs gift you the whole month to feast. And some generous givers even launch the joy a week early. The options are there to birthday bash on your terms.

Maximize the merriment by joining multiple email clubs. String those sweet 16s and quinceañeras out for weeks on end with back-to-back banquets. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner – you decide the itinerary.

So don’t let a single day’s constraints cramp your commemorative cuisine plans. Sasatimes helps you harvest a hearty harvest of gratis grub whenever and wherever the spirit strikes this time of year.


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