ADAC automotive world with new offer, Polestar 2 available from 349 euros per month, Gütsel Online, OWL live

ADAC automotive world with new offer, Polestar 2 available from 349 euros per month, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Polestar 2 is given special attention in the ADAC world car brand space. ADAC member can find information about manufacturer and technical features here, among other things. Photo: Polestar, ADAC SE

The world of ADAC cars with a new offer, the Polestar 2 is available from 349 euros per month

Munich (onions)

The ADAC motor world continues to grow and offers a new best price offer: the Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor (LRSM) is now available at the ADAC motor world from a monthly price of 349 euros (Vario financing) or 419 euros ( lease). Both offers are related to a period of 24 months, 10,000 kilometers driven per year and a minimum payment of 6,000 euros. Delivery times are currently around 24 weeks.

Model variants with a large battery (78 kWh capacity) and a range of up to 540 km (manufacturer specifications according to WLTP) therefore have a significant price advantage compared to the market average. The offer is quite small, as a small and strategic partner, ADAC SE collaborates with #Mobility Concept GmbH in the automotive world.

Additional benefits for ADAC members

Exclusively for ADAC members, all offers from the world of ADAC cars include a kilometer rental contract with tested contract conditions #ADAC and an additional benefit of 300 euros. With Vario financing, this is settled against the last installment, and members of rental contracts receive a corresponding no-claims discount when the vehicle is returned. The #online order through the ADAC car world is digital within minutes.

Brandspace provides information quickly

Particular attention is paid to the #Polestar 2 as an innovative and short-lived electric car in the automotive world: In the so-called “Brandspace”, which will be rebuilt after the launch of the ADAC automotive world, you will find in-depth information about the manufacturer of Polestar, technical features and the current range of models. This area of ​​the ADAC automotive world will be gradually expanded in the coming months to include other manufacturers and new models.

product delivery

The current version of Polestar 2 is here online. The monthly payments involved are shown using specific lease models and financing models.


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