Administrator Spyker claims 3 million after ‘liquidating’ the sports car company

Administrator Spyker claims 3 million after ‘liquidating’ the sports car company

This is evident from the latest bankruptcy report of trustee Dennis Steffens, which has just been published. The trustee has been trying for years to extract money from Spyker founder Victor Muller, which creditors in bankruptcy can be paid.


That initially seemed to be resolved quickly, because the trustee concluded an agreement with Muller for a payment of about 1.5 million euros.

Spyker’s founder wants to resurrect the dead sports car maker from its ashes. Hassle about bankruptcy settlements does not help. However, Muller has repeatedly failed to keep agreements in recent years.

Thumbs up

That’s why the caretaker Steffens tried to tighten the screws. In October 2021, he found that there was ‘mismanagement’ at the bankrupt companies. This would enable him to hold Muller responsible for the deficit in the bankrupt estates.

He also repeatedly threatened to sell the rights to Spyker’s trademarks and other intellectual property. Muller needs those rights for a reboot.

There are no results

But all threats so far have not yielded results. Muller has yet to pay, according to the latest report.

In it, the trustee also writes that the bankrupt maintenance subsidiary Spyker Services was divested just before the bankruptcy of the British company Spyker Ltd, which Muller wants to continue the activities of the sports car builder.

Paulian action

“Several legal actions have taken place between Spyker Ltd and Spyker Services which can be considered as fraud and/or settlements in current accounts have taken place which are contrary to Section 54 of the Bankruptcy Act and/or the illegal sale of various Spyker vehicles. games and the entire share of Spyker Services BV was carried out by Spyker Ltd,” said the trustee in report.

3 million claims

Steffens writes that he called the British company by letter two weeks ago to pay 1.6 million euros in that context. “Spyker Ltd has yet to comply with this summons.”

In addition, the trustee requested payment of ‘other miscellaneous amounts due’. In total, the British company will now have to transfer more than 3.1 million euros to the bankruptcy account.

The trustee also appears to be filing a claim of more than 1.1 million euros against Luxembourg carmaker Milan Moradi. The company would have mistakenly acquired the entire stock of Spyker Services and the Spyker car.

Not through brackets

In a statement to RTL Z, Steffens confirms that he has sent the call. “In the fact that there is little progress in this matter, I have done little. Actions must be taken now. And what happened here cannot be accepted. That shares and cars from Spyker Services have been sold while Spyker Ltd has. Collecting money is really impossible. The ball is now in the court of Victor. He should have paid a long time ago, and now even more.”

Steffens thinks he can take enough steps to collect his claims, but he still doesn’t want to disclose them to the media.

Sell ​​trademark rights

He also says that he is still working on the previously announced sale of trademark and intellectual property rights. “It turns out that there are more operational issues involved than expected, but we are working hard. The auction will definitely come.”

Muller did not respond to a request for comment.