Angus lads heading to the Arctic in kilts and 30-year-old Volvo

Angus lads heading to the Arctic in kilts and 30-year-old Volvo

In a Journey Unconventional, Angus Lads Set Sights on the Arctic in Kilts and a 30-Year-Old Volvo

In a feat that can only be described as both daring and unconventional, a group of five Angus lads are preparing to embark on a truly extraordinary journey. Their mission: to traverse the Arctic Circle in a 30-year-old Volvo, all while dressed in kilts.

The quintet – comprised of retired engineer Robert Stewart, his son, and three of his friends – began hatching their plan over a decade ago when they first began discussing a trip to the Arctic Circle. After years of planning and fundraising, the group is finally getting ready to set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

The five men have spent the past few months making the necessary preparations for their expedition. Robert and his son have spent countless hours restoring their beloved Volvo, which has been dubbed “The Beast” due to its impressive size and age. The men also purchased a selection of kilts to wear during their journey, as a nod to their Scottish heritage.

The group’s journey will take them from their home in Angus to the northernmost reaches of the Arctic Circle, a total distance of roughly 4,000 miles. Despite the formidable challenge that lies ahead, the men remain undeterred in their mission. As Robert puts it, “We’re not afraid of a bit of difficulty. If anything, it only makes us more determined to reach our destination.”

The group is expected to depart in mid-August, and they hope to reach their destination within a month. For Robert and his companions, the journey will be as much about the experience of the adventure as it is about reaching the Arctic Circle. “It’s going to be an incredible journey,” Robert said. “We can’t wait to see what’s out there.”

As the quintet readies for their expedition, they continue to be buoyed by the support and enthusiasm of their community. While their journey is certainly unconventional, it is also one that is sure to be remembered.