Halfass Kustoms 1935 Dodge Coupe Project: Starting Over With A Whole New Body? Wait, What? Halfass Kustoms 1935 Dodge Coupe Project: Starting Over With A Whole New Body? Wait, What?

In the world of automotive restorations, the search for originality is an ever-present challenge. With the classic car market flooded with clones, replicas, and other interpretations of iconic vehicles, finding an original piece of history can be a daunting task. For Halfass Kustoms, the task of rebuilding a 1935 Dodge Coupe into an original classic has been an ambitious undertaking.

Beginning with an original body, Halfass Kustoms quickly realized that the restoration would require a more drastic approach. After a thorough inspection, it was determined that the body had been damaged beyond repair, leaving the team with the decision to start over with a brand new body.

The decision to replace the original body was not taken lightly, as it presented a unique challenge: finding a new body that would match the original. Thankfully, the team was able to locate a suitable option from a supplier in the Midwest. After the new body arrived, the team was able to begin the arduous task of customizing the vehicle to the original specifications.

The team worked tirelessly to ensure that the new body matched the original in every detail. Every inch of the new body was inspected, measured, and compared to the original. The end result of the restoration is a 1935 Dodge Coupe that looks and feels like a classic, while still incorporating modern touches from the team at Halfass Kustoms.

The process of replacing an original body was no small feat for Halfass Kustoms, but the end result is a stunning example of what can be achieved with dedication, hard work, and a little bit of ingenuity. The team’s work stands as a testament to their commitment to preserving the classic car market for future generations to enjoy.