BMW M2 Wins Car and Driver Vs Ford Mustang Dark Horse Comparison Test

BMW M2 Wins Car and Driver Vs Ford Mustang Dark Horse Comparison Test

BMW M2 and Ford Mustang are dinosaurs (in a good way) in the field of sports cars. Both still appeal to purists with their manual gearboxes. Despite the downsizing era we live in, the Bavarian G87 brings you an inline six with the Dearborn pony driving a V8. Car and Driver planned a battle between the two, and decided to try three pedal versions.

Although far from being the analog cars their ancestors were, the M2 and ‘Stang represent the last bastion of stick-shift RWD machines. They are not perfect, though. C&D it says BMW’s optional carbon bucket seats are not comfortable. In addition, the gear changes are not as smooth as in the Ford. Journalists also preferred the soundtrack provided by the big ol’ NA 5.0 over the twin-turbo 3.0-liter mill.

The Mustang has its fair share of shortcomings as well. Appearance is less than ideal while fuel consumption leaves a lot to be desired. It did 14 miles per gallon where the M2 did 18 mpg. In addition, there were problems with infotainment during the test. The touchscreen was slow to start up and respond to user input. There was also noticeable distortion when streaming music.

On the plus side, the new M2 was praised for being easy to live with on a daily basis. The muscles released by the “S58” are more accessible and the car is “fast as techno.” C&D appreciated the Mustang’s style and its comfortable seats. In addition, they also liked horse carriage brakes.

In the acceleration test, the M2 needed 4.1 seconds to hit 60 mph. As for the Mustang, it took 4.3 seconds to complete the task. The smaller BMW was also quicker over the quarter mile, clocked in 12.3 seconds at 119 mph. The Dark Horse took 12.7 seconds at a slightly lower trap speed of 115 mph. In the 50 to 70 mph test, the M2 needed just 6.7 seconds while the Mustang was 2.5 seconds slower.

BMW ultimately took the win for being more refined and comfortable. C&D they also found it easier to drive at full tilt. However, the press completely understands why some people will get the Mustang for its mighty V8.

Source: Car and Driver