Bona Mugabe: the wealth of the kleptocrat – the dictator’s daughter is worth 70 million euros |  Information

Bona Mugabe: the wealth of the kleptocrat – the dictator’s daughter is worth 70 million euros | Information

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Interesting insight into the world of kleptocrats.

The daughter of former President of Zimbabwe Bona Mugabe (33) is getting divorced. Court documents show how rich he is: it’s about 70 million euros in assets!

In March, Bona Mugabe filed for divorce from Simba Mutsahuni Chikore (46), a former pilot, after nine years due to “irreconcilable differences”. Your ex demands division of all assets.

Bona Mugabe with her then husband Simba Mutsahuni Chikore in Harare in 2018. Divorce documents show family wealth

Photo: Associated Press/AP Photo

According to media reports, the documents list luxury cars such as Range Rovers and Rolls-Royce, agricultural equipment, cash, 21 farms and 25 properties, as well as a mansion in Dubai.

The estranged husband of the dictator’s daughter, who also claims joint custody of the couple’s three children, is claiming wealth accumulated during the marriage – from inheritances and donations from the late president for work he did on his behalf.

Chikore claimed the assets he listed are a drop in the bucket compared to his former wealth he owns in general. Bona Mugabe has not yet addressed the allegations.

The case shows how the ruling party steals the land of Zimbabweans, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono told the newspaper “ TimesLIVE‘: ‘Most were Zimbabweans […] shocked by the amount of land owned by Bona Mugabe in Borrowdale. So the corrupt politicians gave it to Zimbabweans [Partei] Zanu PF land stolen. The government requested land from the council, which was handed over to corrupt Zanu PF politicians,” Chin’ono said.

Musa Kika, a lawyer and executive director of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, said: If the assets listed by Chikore prove to be “correct and true,” it would mark an unconstitutional distribution of assets “due to proximity to political power.” .” “.

There was also a lot of anger on social media because of the family’s wealth. “The Liberation War was a waste of time if they produced this system,” wrote Facebook user Eric Knight.