“But we will not give up”

“But we will not give up”

It is hard for Lando Norris that McLaren will not bring a major update for the rest of the season. He is disappointed because the season has not gone as well, but he insists McLaren has not given up this season.

McLaren started the season in a fantastic way with the Bahrain Grand Prix, where Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo finished without a chance out of points. Since then, the England team has taken several steps forward, but consistent performance has not yet been achieved. McLaren is in fourth place after nine races with 65 points, eight more than Alpine and fourteen more than Alfa Romeo. Mercedes is far ahead of McLaren with 188 points.

McLaren brought the update laundry list to Barcelona, ​​but there has been no major change. Norris is disappointed that his team has not yet made major updates and that, in part due to budget constraints, will not come up with major updates this season. “That is difficult,” says Norris. “It’s already difficult. But we can still improve things and change.”

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“It’s not that we’re desperate,” Norris insists. “We are still working hard, the team is working hard. We can still bring in new parts, but it will not change the whole car. We will see, we still have a lot of opportunities to move forward and the season is still long, we will look for small things.”

What is also interesting for Norris is the fact that McLaren is not in a very bad situation right now. “We are still in a good position in the tournament. We have to hold on to that and we will do our best. ”