BYD: Is this the next big step?

BYD: Is this the next big step?

BYD is increasingly arriving in Europe. The automaker already sells its Stromer in several countries. Electric buses are also popular. New markets, such as the UK, will soon follow. Management also announced plans for a factory in Europe. Things are now going in this matter.

This is what BYD is negotiating, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal currently about the purchase of the Ford factory in Saarlouis. The report is based on information from people familiar with the matter. Neither BYD nor Ford would comment on the project. The American group only confirmed to the newspaper that they were exploring various options for the job and were in talks with buyers.

According to the report, there are other interested parties. However, representatives of the management of Ford of Germany plan to travel to China next week to discuss the possible sale of the plant.

Reaching an agreement will be another important step for BYD. The group can produce close to the market and thus create a solid base for further expansion in Europe.

Things continue to go well at BYD. The expansion is in full swing, which is why volume growth should remain high in the future. From a SHAREHOLDER perspective, the stock remains the first choice for long-term investors among electric vehicle manufacturers.

At the same time, little happens and shares, from Monday to Wednesday there is no business on the domestic exchange in Hong Kong due to the Chinese New Year.