Citroen XM with model miles for sale |

Citroen XM with model miles for sale |

A Citroen XM with 16,000 km has been sold. The car is in great condition and even though it’s the base version, it’s an amazing bargain.

Citroen XM has been the flagship sedan of the brand since 1989. A large, comfortable car, it offered hydropneumatic suspension and the most comfortable seats in the world. Although there are still many of them in use, copies with limited distances can be counted on the fingers of one hand, they are usually in collections and rarely shown in public.

The offered article has a two-liter gasoline engine with injection and … two-zone heating. There is no air conditioning, there are separate adjustable heaters. The car also has electric front and rear windows.

The car had only one owner from new, a Belgian. The car drove about a thousand kilometers a year from production until 2001, then most of the time it stopped. The car is – according to the seller – after a major service, eg timing belt, water pump, all fluids – including LHM, earth and silencer. New rims were also fitted, along with new Michelin tyres.

The price, for a copy in new condition, is quite attractive – it is $ 22,000. The downside for those from Europe is… the location in the US. The car is located in Croydon, New Hampshire, near the Canadian border. Before that, it came here from Europe. Advertisement can be found here.

The owner also recorded a video with the suspension work:

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