City Day: Crisis teams prepare for gas shortages – Economy & Volkswagen – News

City Day: Crisis teams prepare for gas shortages – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Cities and municipalities are preparing for the event that there is not enough gas in the winter. The first steps have already been taken, said the general manager of the Association of German Cities, Helmut Dedy, on Deutschlandfunk.

Cities are already trying to do everything they can to reduce their gas consumption. You can start, for example, in the sports and cultural sectors – for example by closing some outdoor pools or changing the opening times. Lowering the room temperature in public buildings will not do the trick. You must be prepared for a difficult time in Germany.

Dedy explained that the city’s crisis teams are already working in a step-by-step procedure at a time when it is known how the gas supply is progressing. For example, the question is how to continue the supply of drinking water or digital systems if there is no longer enough electricity. It is not about inciting fear and panic, but about taking precautions.

Since Monday, no natural gas has flown from Russia through the most important pipeline, Nord Stream 1, to Germany. The reason for this is the maintenance work, which should last about ten days. It is feared that the Russian company Gazprom will not resume delivery after the war in Ukraine. This can lead to a lack of gas in the winter because the replacement of the missing amount cannot be found very quickly.

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