Cupra, the sports novel is called Raval

Cupra, the sports novel is called Raval

ZURICH2 daysTina Turner has died at the age of 83

ZURICH1 dayTina Turner’s fortune and who could inherit it

MESCOCO (GR)1 dayScary incidents between homes or on the road: “But that’s just the tip of the iceberg”

SHUT UP3 daysYoung farmer: “I was surrounded by three wolves, one jumped on me”

RIGA & TAMPERE 20231 daySwitzerland falls, Fischer docks

CANTON1 day“He acted motivated by the lowest sexual impulses”, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison

HEALTH CARE1 day“Payments will also increase in 2024”

SWITZERLAND12 o’clockYoung and rich: these are the richest under 40s in Switzerland

FOCUS2 daysLivio who hates women

SWITZERLAND2 daysCreate a “fake” queue to keep the tourist cars away

SAINT GOTTHARD7 o’clockThey are all in line for the long Pentecost weekend

ZURICH1 dayTina Turner, tears of “neighbors”

SWITZERLAND2 daysIt’s official: Netflix is ​​suspending account sharing

ITALY2 daysMichelle Hunziker: “The best three of the worst statistics of my life”

LOCARNO2 daysThe 19-year-old girl is not guilty of rape, she was released on appeal

BERN2 daysAverage 3.8 degrees above. Summer 2023 may break all records

ZUG1 dayNeuheim’s dog was put down: “The risk of recurrence is too high”

CANTON2 daysMurder of parking spaces: “Cows of drivers to stress”


SWITZERLAND1 dayRising prices scare Switzerland, the people of Ticino “run” to Italy

FLOOD IN ROMAGNA 1 dayEmilia Romagna calls (also) Switzerland: “The coast ready to welcome tourists”

ITALY2 daysMilan, pepper spray and sticks: a woman detained by four agents

CANTON1 dayHe violently raped his partner: “Yes, I knew it was not consensual”

LOCARNO5 hoursHe goes around with pepper spray and fights with people

CANTON1 dayHe beat, raped and isolated his 36-year-old girlfriend on the stand

SOUTH KOREA8 o’clockExciting landing, the passenger opens the hatch in flight

CANTON15 hoursCar theft, four asylum seekers arrested

AURIGENUS3 daysHe had money problems and said he was being teased

FOCUS3 daysSickness sucks: I’m sick and I say it on social networks

SWITZERLAND2 days“We look at the mountain every day, but nothing seems to change”

CANTON2 daysWar against aliens (insects).

THROUGH… FOUR WHEELS2 daysMud shoveled in the middle of the disaster, simple hero Tsunoda

LOCARNO1 dayIn handcuffs after a pharmacy robbery

CANTON1 dayWith this chair, the mountain truly belongs to everyone

SWITZERLAND2 daysGlobal warming? “It’s good for plants”: a denialist (and apocalyptic) flyer.

CANTONAt 13Technical problems, Gotthard closed

RIGA & TAMPERE 20231 day“I don’t know what happened, it’s so bad”

CANTON6 hoursPentecost radars do not have any district

CANTON17 hoursThe best CBD cannabis is (always) from Ticino

PRECIOUS METALS1 dayObstacles? No problem for Russia: “75.7 tons of gold goes to the Emirates”

CANTON2 daysThe king of Thai boxing at the age of 17

CANTON2 days“I had dyslexia, reading aloud helped me a lot”

RIGA & TAMPERE 20231 daySwitzerland goes to the dentist and chases the semifinals

CANTON1 dayNear the bridge and on A2 there are already columns

SWITZERLAND8 o’clockAttention renters: the rent bite is coming

LUGANO1 dayPsst! Did you make it big again?

PERU15 hoursAmazing installation

WAR IN UKRAINE1 dayPryghozin? “We’re trying to kill him”

FCL extension1 dayGioia Lugano: YB folded in Cup final opener

BELLIN ZONE3 daysShooting at the wedding: some of the main characters are already known to the authorities

DIEPPE15 hoursA290_ß, Alpine’s super fun electric

PARIS1 dayMore technology than DS9

TEST DRIVES2 daysHyundai Ioniq 5th Edition AWD: a sports car with an electric heart

STOCKHOLM3 daysLuvly 0, an Ikea-style minivan

PARIS6 days“Face”, engine, range: Peugeot updates the e-2008

ISERNIA1 weekDR 1.0 EV, an Italian-Chinese low-cost city car

MANHATTAN BEACH1 weekFisker launches Bahari for battery exchange

Schaffhausen1 weekAutonomous public service is a reality

RIMINI1 weekVespa becomes electric with Retrokit

TEST DRIVES1 weekJaguar F-TYPE Convertible AWD R: a supercar that’s about to disappear