Driving Experience: Infiniti Q30 AntiChic Edition

Driving Experience: Infiniti Q30 AntiChic Edition

Cars and bags, do these go together? It seems so, because Infiniti and Dutch luggage brand AntiChic have recently introduced the Q30 AntiChic special edition together. Test editor Peter wants to know more about this.

Special design

At the beginning of last year, Infiniti introduced the new Q30, while six months later Infiniti’s importer entered into a partnership with Dutch bag brand AntiChic. This resulted in the Q30 AntiChic special edition. And we can say, the results are impressive. The first thing you notice is the black exterior paint with the grille and window frames in piano black lacquer. We also see the same color piano lacquer on the 19-inch alloy wheels. Finally, the red mother-of-pearl side skirts are also authentic eye catcher.

This unique Q30 is a one-off, which means that only one copy was built. The AntiChic version of the Q30 measures 4,425mm in length, 1,805mm in width and 1,475mm in height. Its wheelbase is 2,700 mm.

Power is increased

The engine power of this one-off has been increased by Infiniti to 156 hp. The 1.6 liter turbo petrol engine has 122 hp as standard, but with this special edition more power has been pumped out of the block. We are very pleased with the performance, because this power source responds well to your right foot. The 156 hp 1.6 t petrol engine is mated to an efficient, six-speed manual gearbox.

brand of snake

As expected, this AntiChic Edition is also modified internally. For example, the seats, dashboard, doors and top of the parcel shelf have a black snake print. The center console and bottom of the package shelf should do with a special rye print. In addition, mother-of-pearl red color can be found on the center console and door panels. The bag from the AntiChic bag brand is connected to the sun visor on the passenger side; a must for women.

Information system

The unique Q30 features the infotainment system we know from the Infiniti Q50S 3.5 Hybrid, which we recently test drove. We are satisfied with the easy operation of the navigation system, which clearly guided us on the road during the test week. However, the route display could be more sophisticated.

Finally, we see that the AntiChic Edition of the Q30 does not have a rear view camera. We’d rather see this one, as it has wide C-pillars that limit the rear view.


Specifications below with * apply to standard Q30.

Engine: 1.6t petrol engine (156 hp)

Gear box: 6-speed manual transmission

0-100 km/h: 9.4 seconds.*

Top speed: 200 km/h*

Common oil uses: 5.7 litres/100 km*

Co2 emissions: 133g/km*

Length, width and height: 4,425mm/1,805mm/1,475mm

Cargo space: 430 liters*

From the price: €35,435 (incl. VAT and BPM)

Price (our test car): €39,995,- (incl. VAT and BPM)