Dutch IT channel – ASVZ chooses RAM Infotechnology as its ICT partner

Dutch IT channel – ASVZ chooses RAM Infotechnology as its ICT partner

ASVZ chooses RAM Infotechnology as its ICT partner. ASVZ was looking for an ICT partner who could migrate and manage its large, complex ICT environment and who could help ASVZ grow into a modern workplace. They have found that partner in RAM Infotechnology (RAM-IT). Partly because of our focus on healthcare, the eCumulus system and the good experience of separating former Carante Triade member Vitree from the Carante environment, ASVZ chose RAM-IT.

ASVZ is for everyone with mental disabilities: young and old, mild and severe mental disabilities. ASVZ provides diagnosis, treatment, support, guidance, work and daytime activities for all these people. ASVZ was supported by the Carante Group, a partnership of nine independent organizations in the care sector in the fields of Finance, HRM and ICT. Due to the termination of the Carante Group, ASVZ had to transfer the entire ICT (6000 workstations, 200 locations and almost 100 applications).

The eCumulus system offers the possibility to move step by step from a traditional Citrix workplace to a modern workplace for healthcare workers at your own pace. As the gateway to the modern care workplace, ASVZ chose the social intranet of a&m impact. RAM-IT manages the entire ICT environment for ASVZ on the basis of its multi-cloud system eCumulus, including networks and equipment. We offer advice and innovation to slowly evolve into a modern workplace. We can now look back on successful migrations for nearly 6000 workstations, 200 locations and nearly 100 applications!

Jaap de Gruijter, Executive Board of ASVZ: “We have the challenge of continuing to provide a good service. ICT is a prerequisite for this and even a basic service itself in part. That is why it is good that at this point we are taking control. of all information technology and communication that we will use now and in the future to continue to provide human service. I think the good result is that we simplify the application experience, with many solutions in one program. And that our employees do step by step. more, everywhere and at any time. the device can work in applications from the Cloud. We do this in cooperation with our ICT partners, while the management work is carried out by many of our experienced colleagues who know ASVZ and the health sector well.”

Niels van Peer, CCO at RAM-IT: “As the largest organization within the Carante Group, the completed migration of ASVZ is a fitting conclusion to a successful and comprehensive year. We are proud of the choice of ASVZ and the other four Carante members who chose RAM-IT and look forward to taking the next steps together as partners.