Eisteddfod may change Welsh motto due to 'white world' mistranslation fears – BBC

Eisteddfod may change Welsh motto due to 'white world' mistranslation fears – BBC

The Welsh government is considering changing the nation’s motto, which is traditionally translated as “the world will be white”, due to fears that it may be misinterpreted as a reference to racial supremacy.

The motto, which is inscribed on the Eisteddfod’s banner, is a reference to the ancient Welsh proverb ‘Cymru am byth’, which translates literally as ‘Wales forever’.

However, the phrase has become increasingly controversial in recent years, with some arguing that the phrase is unwittingly being interpreted as a suggestion that the ‘white world’ is superior to other cultures and nations.

In response to these concerns, the Welsh government is now looking into the possibility of changing the wording of the motto, in order to avoid any potential misinterpretations.

This potential change has been welcomed by many, including the National Association of Eisteddfod Societies, who said that the move would ensure that the “true meaning” of the proverb is upheld.

The Welsh government is also looking into other ways of ensuring that the true meaning of the proverb is conveyed, such as introducing an accompanying explanation of the proverb’s meaning.

This would ensure that the Welsh proverb is not misconstrued as a form of racial supremacy, and that its true meaning is accurately reflected.

The Welsh government is now consulting with experts and the public in order to establish the best way forward. It is expected that they will make a decision on the matter shortly.