Even before Tesla: Is Volkswagen bringing in cheap electrics through the back door?  page 1

Even before Tesla: Is Volkswagen bringing in cheap electrics through the back door? page 1

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  • Electric cars in VW are expensive
  • Cheapest models only from 2025
  • JAC as an affordable electricity partner

Since the e-Up and its sister models are no longer in production, potential buyers have had to dig deep into the pockets of the VW Group. Even for Skoda Enyaq you have to spend significantly more than 40,000. In ADAC’s list of the 30 cheapest electric cars, the CUPRA Born is ranked 10th with a base price of 39,370 euros. Volkswagen (WKN: 766403) apparently does not offer any electric vehicles to disabled drivers. And according to official reports, not much will change this year and maybe next year – at least as far as major brands are concerned. Because cheap electric cars from the VW investment have already landed in Europe!

Official plans

If it is about cheap electric cars comes from Volkswagen, then the first thing that comes to mind is the whole ID.2 subject, which will be the basis of the upcoming VW ID.2. The model uses a new modular electric body (MEB) in a limited edition and was originally planned for 2025. However, Auto Motor und Sport has reported that its orders are most likely to be accepted by the end of 2025. The first deliveries will not take place until the middle of the first of 2026.


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