Ferrari to investigate the strategic mistakes inside

Ferrari to investigate the strategic mistakes inside

The Ferrari team is conducting an internal investigation into its strategic mistakes in Monaco after the team threw away what looked like victory.

Ferrari had the game under complete control when the track was wet, but threw the game away completely when the track dried out. First they brought Charles Leclerc very late to the judges, when Sergio Perez had already completed a few laps on that tyre. As a result, Leclerc lost his track position to the Mexican. Three laps later Ferrari brought Leclerc on slicks, but by then his teammate Carlos Sainz was in the pit lane. He had to wait, lost precious seconds and lost the chance to beat his rival Max Verstappen as a result. And so Leclerc was no longer first, but fourth on a track you can’t get and so Monegasque was the devil. “You can’t be a champion that way if you make a lot of mistakes,” Leclerc said afterwards.

to despise

Team boss Mattia Binotto also admits that the team made mistakes. “We definitely made the wrong decisions. The first mistake we made was underestimating the speed of the cars in the intermediate stops (Sergio Pérez, editor). So we should have called Charles early or not at all so that we could get out of the water. It could go to slicks,” Binotto noted

The process

“There is no question that we made mistakes. But how did we make those mistakes? We have to investigate that so we can put our finger on the sore spot,” said the Ferrari team boss.

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