festive offers arrive – Virgilio Motori

festive offers arrive – Virgilio Motori

Two special editions to say goodbye to a piece (or even a “piece”) of one’s history. After almost 65 years of respectable work, Maserati is getting ready say goodbye to its famous V8 enginea true trademark of the House of the Trident.

The program to electrify the entire range “Dare Forward 2030” has actually now begun (the Modena manufacturer is preparing to launch the electric Grecale, its second electric model on the market) and all endothermic engines will be replaced. and drum-driven power trains. Before its (deserved) retirement, however, the historic V8 Maserati is preparing for a real swan song, making an appearance on two special editions that will celebrate its best features.

Maserati Ghibli 334 Ultima and Maserati Levante V8 Ultima: characteristics and launch

To be perfectly honest, Maserati is keeping a tight lid on what the two V8 models will look like. Apart from the name, of course, not much other information has been revealed. We know for sure that they will depend on the richest and sportiest trim available, that Trophybut it is unclear if there will be specific customization of the bodywork or interior materials.

The same goes, of course, for list prices. In fact, no negligence has leaked from Modena how much can they cost Ghibli 334 Ultima and Levante V8 Ultima. Price lists in hand, however, it is possible to make some assumptions: Ghibli Trofeo and Levante Trofeo cost respectively 156,000 euros and 180,000 euros. It is easy to assume that the prices of the two special editions are high, reaching almost 200 thousand euros. On the other hand, these will be the two models soon destined to become collector’s items desired by fans of the Triton brand.

To preview them, however, you won’t have to wait long. Maserati Ghibli 334 Ultima and Maserati Levante V8 Ultima will be presented during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, scheduled for mid-July in southern England. In short, less than two months to admire two cars intended to be good collector’s items before arriving on the market (the same fate as the Porsche 712 Sypder RS, the last Boxster with an internal combustion engine before being electrified).

When will Maserati V8 production end?

As mentioned, these are two models that celebrate the greatness of the Maserati V8 engine, which has accompanied (with all the necessary evolutions) Maserati in more than 60 years of history. The first V8 from the Modena company was installed in 1959 in the 5000GT, a car born as a street evolution of one of the many cars made by Trident.

But, despite everything, the electrification of the Trident series will not save even the power unit, which has been installed on more than 100,000 cars over the years. According to what was announced during the Motor Valley Fest 2023, the Modena manufacturer presented it engine production will end at the end of 2023.

Not only that, with the retirement of the engine, models powered by the Maserati V8 will also be put out of production. Namely: Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte (will still be on sale until 2024). Not before, however, after celebrating them as they deserve: with the latest edition.