For the true enthusiast: this Lamborghini can be yours for 85,000 euros!  |  Berkeley

For the true enthusiast: this Lamborghini can be yours for 85,000 euros! | Berkeley

Who doesn’t dream of having a rare 1971 Lamborghini Jarama 400 GT in your private garage? Now you can move forward and in Eibergen.

In terms of price, the bright red Lamborghini is the top piece of the 43 classic cars that can be admired in real life next week in the gallery at the De Jukkenbarg business park. The cars middle-aged are auctioned on behalf of various private and corporate sellers. Thursday is the viewing day at Olden Eibergsedijk 1A, from 11 am to 3 pm, and the shiny Italian car can also be seen there.

Lamborghini has the highest price tag of all. If you want to own this luxury sports car, you have to pay at least 67,000 euros for it. Add to that the auction costs of about 18,000 euros. So together 85,000 euros.

This is what the Lamborghini Jarama looks like from the front. © Classic Car Auctions

Many may be shocked, but according to the auction organizer, Classic Car Auctions, it’s a good bet. The expected yield will be between 150,000 and 170,000 euros, partly due to the limited edition of this model.

Slovak Papers

The Lamborghini has been driven very little in all those 52 years. The counter is less than 62,000 km, or an average of more than 10,000 km per year. Who ever ran this? Who was the rich owner? For a knowledgeable dealer, the vehicle’s history is known and can be viewed. It is surprising that Slovak documents exist for the car.

There is still no order and that applies to most of the ballots that have been submitted. Three characters have already bid on DAF 33 from 1974 only. This old yellow period is accessible to a large target group. You can bid from 2399 euros.

The auction closes in one week

The online auction started on Friday and the Lamborghini can be bid on Thursday, March 9 between 11:00 and 15:00.