General Motors is considering entry as an engineer from 2027

General Motors is considering entry as an engineer from 2027

General Motors, a partner of the Andretti team in an offer presented to the table to convince the FIA ​​and Formula 1 to support its application to enter the category, is evaluating the possibility of entering the championship as a manufacturer of the power unit from 2027. season.

In order to get more support and offer more attractive features to get a pass to join the Formula 1 grid in 2026, former McLaren F1 driver Michael Andretti has entered into an alliance with the Cadillac brand of the GM group.

But unlike American rival Ford, which has a commercial partnership mainly with Red Bull Powertrains, GM wants a bigger technical presence in F1. In fact, Ford will cooperate mainly in the electrical side of the Electric Units, trying to provide its expertise, but the internal combustion engine, so the main part of the unit, will be taken care of by Red Bull engineers.

GM Motorsport CEO Eric Warren says the partnership could be developed into a more robust venture, with the development of its Power Division for the next technical cycle currently being evaluated.

Speaking exclusively to, Warren said: “GM is motivated to be involved in the car and in the design, in the whole process. This is not a white label for the engine. [un commento forse rivolto a Ford]. The interaction between Cadillac and Andretti will affect the entire car.”

If Andretti-Cadillac’s strong FIA bid results in a 2026 entry, with Hitech and Panthera Asia also interested, the American team will however be required to run with a customer engine in its first season.

Following the establishment of a long-term partnership between Andretti and Wayne Taylor Racing, the team now has a strong relationship with Honda, one of the engine builders that gave the green light to the deal by registering interest. However, Honda currently does not yet have a customer, although a possible move with Aston Martin has been rumored in recent weeks. But without a certain long-term customer, it will be difficult for a Japanese company to invest a large amount of money without having the necessary guarantees. For this reason, the most stable alternative would be Renault, which in any case has always supported Andretti’s candidacy in terms of a possible partnership.

#10 Wayne Taylor Racing Acura ARX-06: Michael Andretti

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Currently GM is in the research phase and the Power Unit, if it was actually built, would not see the light of the track before the 2027 season: “Looking beyond 2026, our view is that we want to compete and make sure we are competitive, then evaluate in 2026 which is the most sensible solution”.

“We can, of course [alla domanda se GM costruirà il proprio motore]. We cannot in principle, because the engine manufacturers for 2026 have been announced, so we have to look at 2027 as soon as possible”.

“It’s something we’re evaluating. We’re thinking about joining our Power Unit project. Andretti has a Power Unit partner right now.”

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Cadillac is already building the expected 5.5-liter V8 for its LMDh model through GM’s Performance and Racing Center in Pontiac, Michigan.

“I think it’s difficult for a manufacturer to say that the engine is 100 percent domestically produced. They always have engineering partners to work with. But I think our potential is great,” Warren explained when asked if Cadillac has the resources to build the Power Unit in-house.

“I think we can do it, but if we decide to do it and with what elements, it still has to be decided.”

However, it is clear that if General Motors wants to participate in the world championship as a real manufacturer, and not just a name on a restored engine, then the study phase cannot continue for a long time. Major builders have already begun work, with plans to have the first units running on the dyno by the end of 2023.

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