Genesis Electrified GV70 in endurance test

Genesis Electrified GV70 in endurance test

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Sometimes elegance gets in the way of practicality

26.3.2024, KM 20.920

The solution with two rotary switches one behind the other is debatable, but the grip of the gear selector lever is not. This is not very satisfactory and, when changing direction quickly, as happens when driving, it often results in ending up in “N” instead of the desired gear.

Michael Heinz

Replacement of the distribution circuit in the Electric GV70.

In winter, the range decreases significantly

1.1.2024, KM 12.482

It wasn’t obvious that the Genesis Electrified GV70 is a summer car when we took delivery of a test car in early August. A good six months and nearly 11,000 kilometers of driving later, it’s clear: the battery-electric SUV does not like winter and all its accompanying effects, despite all-wheel drive. The manufacturer says 455 kilometers according to the WLTP, the GV70 managed 335 kilometers on our standard eco lap – driven at ten degrees Celsius. However, in sub-zero temperatures, when not only the interior but also the seat and steering wheel are heated via the battery, sometimes not more than half of the WLTP promise remains.

Genesis Electrified GV70

Tyson Jopson

With the beginning of winter, the Genesis Electrified GV70 had to go to the charging station more often.

Accordingly, breaks during travel are frequent and highly dependent on the location of the charging stations. By the way, they are reliably recognized as a station as long as you can navigate to the desired destination. However, anyone who just wants to be directed to the nearest HPC option via voice command so that the 77 kWh battery has a fast charging preset will be confused in the displayed results: A charging station 170 km away was recommended to a colleague – However, the nearest one was less than half an hour away and provided various power sources from 150 to 300 kW.

The already mentioned high-performance HPC variants are to be preferred, because the test car charges in a short time up to 224 kW thanks to its operating voltage of 690 volts – as long as it was conditioned via the route guidance in the navigation system. If you miss this, then the electron packs will fly in what feels like a slow motion: During the winter, the display shows poor values ​​of less than 50 kW because the overheated battery cannot – or is not allowed – to absorb electricity quickly. so that it does not harm itself.

Another special winter problem: after driving, the inside of the windshield falls at a record speed. The whole thing can be dismantled at leisure, even with full blower operation. Moments later, the windshield washer system is overwhelmed by spray mist thrown up from the wet road by the cars ahead. It only clears a small area in front of the driver and front passenger, and a curtain of dirt spreads between them.

Spray mist also affects the charging port. As already mentioned, it is within easy reach on the front grill, here under the hidden grille. This can be opened by pressing gently. Normally. In winter, however, “normal” is often not the case. Then the procedure gets dirty or iced up and you need to be asked to cooperate with the average slap.

Handover and the first kilometers

4.8.2023, KM 1.447

The Genesis Electrified GV70 was brought to us in a trailer for the editorial building and soon managed to impress with its fast reload times. His colleague Heinrich Lingner put it this way in the log: “One fries plus a burger is enough for ten to 90 percent of the SOC.” Peter Wolkenstein added: “Practice: the charging port is hidden in the front” – unfortunately on most electric cars it is on the left, that is, facing the road; Plugging and unplugging can be quite dangerous for lamp chargers.

Genesis Electrified GV70

Tyson Jopson

The electric GV70 arrived on a trailer.

The high-gravity GV70 also has a lot to offer in other respects. Above all, its luxurious leather environment, which attracts attention every time you open the door. Its powerful drive that responds to kick-down with up to 700 Nm. Its flexible suspension makes long journeys easy to digest. And which earned praise in the reference book as well as intuitive functionality including its direct selection buttons for the top menus. The bulky SUV is criticized for offering surprisingly little trunk space. It can also be used on a smaller scale.

Start the endurance test


Mileage at the beginning of the test

1447 kilometers

The base/trial price of the vehicle at the start of the trial

69.580 / 86.550 Euros

L x W x H

4715 x 1910 x 1630 mm

the wheel

2875 mm

Lose weight

2311 kg

Total weight

2845 kg

burden of payment

534 kilos


503 l

wheel size

235/55 R 19


Electric motor design

two permanent electric excitation motors


h./hour 180/180 kW

high performance of the system

360 kW (490 PS)

max. Movement of the system

700 Nm

Battery type

Lithium Ion Battery

Battery capacity

77.4 kWh

Power distribution

Four wheel ratio / fixed gear

High speed

235 km / h

Driving performance at the start of the test

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

4, 2 ch

Medium run 60-100/80-120 km/h

2,0/2,6 s


Total WLTP consumption

19.2 kWh

CO2 emissions

0 g/km

Greenhouse class test car

Electric car (30AX)

Eco Use/Experimental

23.3/27.8 kWh (including charging loss)