High gap in German domestic prices for fuel – Economy & Volkswagen – News

High gap in German domestic prices for fuel – Economy & Volkswagen – News

How higher fuel prices affect drivers depends a lot on where they live. A liter of fuel is up to 13.6 cents cheaper in some federal states than in others, according to the ADAC assessment of the German Media Agency. The Bavarians are especially hit hard at this time, while the Saarlanders enjoy petrol and Hamburg with diesel.

In particular, on Friday, 10:00 am, Super E10 was more expensive at 2.031 euros per liter on average in almost all gas stations in Bavaria. It was followed by Schleswig-Holstein with EUR 1.995 and Thuringia with EUR 1.978. On the other hand, the cheapest was Saarland with 1.905 euros and Baden-Württemberg with an average of 1.934 euros as well as Rhineland-Palatinate with 1.938 euros.

In terms of diesel, Bavaria was also the most expensive at EUR 2.173 per liter. It is followed by Baden-Württemberg – this time not as the second cheapest state but as the second most expensive state – with 2.159 euros and Saxony with 2.146 euros per liter. The cheapest diesel, on the other hand, is in Hamburg at 2.037 euros, followed by Lower Saxony at 2.046 euros and North Rhine-Westphalia at 2.057 euros per liter.

“These large price differences are difficult to explain,” says ADAC. In any case, any higher travel costs will not be enough.

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