How long you have to wait to have a new car delivered revealed

How long you have to wait to have a new car delivered revealed

Abiding by the traditional adage, “patience is a virtue,” can be especially trying when a consumer is eagerly awaiting the delivery of a newly purchased car. Fortunately, the Washington Post has conducted extensive research to determine the average amount of time buyers can expect to experience before receiving their new vehicle.

The findings demonstrate that the overall wait time for delivery of a newly acquired car can be considerably lengthy. The Post’s analysis indicates the median time until delivery of a new car is approximately nine weeks. This number is based on a survey of more than 10,000 new car buyers across the United States.

Furthermore, the Post’s research illustrates that this wait time can be further elongated for certain models. On average, luxury vehicles such as BMWs, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguars require an additional three weeks for delivery. This is attributed to the greater complexity of these vehicles, which often necessitates special parts and components to be ordered from overseas manufacturers.

The Post’s survey also indicates that buyers of standard vehicles typically experience a shorter wait period. On average, these vehicles take approximately seven weeks to arrive. This is likely a result of the abundance of available parts and components for these models, which allows dealers to more expediently complete the manufacturing process.

Overall, the Washington Post’s survey suggests that, while buyers should expect an extended wait period between the purchase of their new car and its delivery, the duration of this interval can vary greatly depending on the model. Therefore, it is important for consumers to keep in mind the timeframe required for delivery when making their purchasing decision.