Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq produces 17.2 kilometers per liter and will be sold in Brazil in 2022 |  Electric and Hybrid

Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq produces 17.2 kilometers per liter and will be sold in Brazil in 2022 | Electric and Hybrid

THE Caoa group renew the contract of representation of Hyundai in Brazil for ten more years. After several months of focusing only on launching cars from Cherrythe Brazilian company turns its eyes to the Korean brand – and one of the next unpublished models of this collaboration will be Ioniq combination.

Six barges carrying about 60 units of the model were seen leaving the port of Vitória (ES). This number is high for the certified batch, but it corresponds to the first batch of sales. According to the website car secretsthe car can be launched at any time.

The new Hyundai Ioniq was spotted in a tunnel, revealing that the launch is imminent — Photo: Marlos Ney Vidal/Autos Segredos

Caoa attraction at the 2018 Auto Show, the ionic it is considered a “back lift”. This explains the distinctive look, with a very high rear end and coupe-like roof drop. Similar to toyota prius it’s no coincidence, since hybrids are direct rivals.

Without the Prius in Brazil, the Hyundai Ioniq will have a free space among the hybrid lifts – Photo: Disclosure

This appearance was adopted for aerodynamic reasons. According to Hyundai, the Ioniq has a drag coefficient of just 0.24 cx, which contributes to a smoother airflow and improved fuel consumption.

THE ionic it is 4.47 m long, 1.82 m long, 1.44 m long and has a wheelbase of 2.70 m. The trunk has a volume of 442 liters and the fuel tank holds 45 liters of petrol. The model is built on Hyundai’s unique platform for hybrid vehicles and weighs around 1,400 kg.

The Ioniq’s interior is simple, but the 10.25-inch multimedia center screen is generous — Photo: Disclosure

inside, ionic follows language that appears similar to HB20. The multimedia center is floating with 10.25 inches. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity is wireless and there’s an introductory cell phone charger in the console. The instrument panel is partially digital and has a small screen that shows all the information about the hybrid system.

Hyundai Ioniq can run up to 850 km on just one tank in the city – Photo: Disclosure

THE Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid It has a 1.6 engine running 105 hp of power at 5,700 rpm and 15 kgfm of torque at 4,000 rpm. The electric car is powered by a 1.56 kWh battery and delivers 44 hp and 17.3 kgfm of torque.

So, Ioniq has 141 hp of strength and 27 kgfm torque and integrated engines. In tests in Europe, the model was able to measure 17.2 km/l race in the city. Uhuru is 850 km in city circuits and 765 km on the highway.

more than ionic, The chaoa also tests the Hyundai Kona in Brazil. It is a crossover with the size of a “pumped” hatch. It is sold in other countries with two engines and battery packs. While the engine has 136 hp, the battery is 39 kWh and guarantees 305 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle. In the most powerful option, there is 204 hp and a range of 484 km thanks to the 64 kWh package.

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