Is Mercedes the same as Red Bull & Ferrari for the first time?

Is Mercedes the same as Red Bull & Ferrari for the first time?

( – George Russell is hopeful that his home race in Silverstone could provide the best Mercedes performance for the 2022 Formula 1 season so far. The 24-year-old hopes his team “will not be in a position to play extra space behind Red Bull and Ferrari for much longer” and announces: “We have an improvement this weekend. And we understand the car from the weekend is much better. . ” (AD: Can Mercedes Win in Silverstone? Be there directly with WOW!)

George Russell believes there is a real chance of getting better results at the Silverstone club



Meanwhile, Russell was shocked to say that Mercedes could “probably go faster” in Silverstone, citing the former Red Bull and Mercedes dogs. Even if he makes it clear: “I do not see that we will be ahead of them. They still have a high hand in qualifying, especially on Saturday.”

But: “We are the only team that is closer to Sunday instead of going backwards. Usually the gaps in the race are bigger. That gives us hope. Because we end up lacking less energy. But we basically have one good race car.”

Fast angles can be W13

Recently, three city circles were on the program: Monte Carlo, Baku, Montreal. So all roads with slow currents and many ridges – or, to put it another way: poisoned by a dreamy Mercedes chassis and a good breeding ground for a low-touch person, known as “bottom”.

“Silverstone’s high-speed features, on a flat asphalt surface, will match our potential,” Russell believes. “There is still no guarantee because we are facing a new problem all the time. But I think it could be a competitive weekend for us given the features of the song.”

King of Silverstone! What role does Lewis Hamilton play in home medicine?

Lewis Hamilton has won his home race in Silverstone eight times. What are the chances this year?

“After the last three races, all of which took place on a highway, this is the first time cars have been tested for speed corners again. I think it can be very difficult if the car’s edges are down. You’ll have to deal with that,” says Brit.

64 points back after nine out of 22 races

For him personally, 2022 has been positive so far. He has a fellow player under control, he is considered one of the invention of the season – and he is still the only driver who has never been worse than five. Russell was on the stage three times, three times. And in the World Cup, “only” 64 points are missing from leader Max Verstappen.

A little comfort: “With third, fourth and fifth place, you will not be among the top 3 in the championship at the end of the season,” worries Russell, who currently ranks fourth in the drivers’ standings. “We are here to win and we are here to fight! I am proud that we have increased our results so far. But we want more.”

2021: Russell was beaten in the top 10 by the crowd

The home crowd in Silverstone could push him to his best results of next season. The memories of the year 2021, when Russell made it to the top 10 in Williams’ failed-to-win qualification, are still new – and motivate him.

“It gives you extra strength when you run your home race. Last year reminded me a lot about how much it can be influential to have the support of the home crowd,” says the Mercedes driver. In addition: “A year before we drove without fans. And suddenly the stadiums were full again.”

The evils of fame

But growing popularity also has its downsides: “In Montreal, someone called my name and yelled at me. And I was just sitting in my car, in the driver’s parade. It’s weird when a 35-40 year old guy is provoking you, you never know.”

“I’m just trying to be honest with myself and put on a good show every race, to be friendly and kind to people. There are a few things you have to get used to and accept. Unfortunately, the society we live in. In living today, like that. A good example of something that needs to change. ! ”

Because: “What gives a person the right to yell at someone else? What right do football fans have to insult players? They just do their job, they try very hard to do a good job. I think that’s what some people like to not always know about their positions. get out. “