Kids, residents on alert as upscale Massachusetts town deals with ‘aggressive’ wild turkeys

Kids, residents on alert as upscale Massachusetts town deals with ‘aggressive’ wild turkeys


Kids and residents of an upscale Massachusetts town are on alert due to the presence of aggressive wild turkeys. The birds have been causing quite a stir in the community, pecking at cars, chasing people, and even intruding into backyards.

The town of Weston has seen an influx of wild turkeys in recent years, with reports of the birds becoming increasingly bold and confrontational. Residents have reported the birds pecking at their cars and scratching the paint, while some have experienced the birds even chasing them.

The problem has become so bad that the town has had to post signs warning people to be careful around the birds. The signs urge people to keep their distance, avoid feeding the birds, and not to engage them.

The town has also taken measures to reduce the number of birds in the area. They have enlisted the help of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to trap and relocate some of the birds to a more suitable environment.

The Division has also been encouraging people to keep their yards clean and free of food, as this can attract the birds and make the problem worse.

While the town is taking steps to address the problem, some residents are still worried about the birds. They fear the birds may become even more aggressive, and that they may try to attack small children or pets.

It is unclear why the turkeys have been acting so aggressively, but some experts suggest it could be due to a lack of predators in the area. Without natural predators, the birds have become bolder and more aggressive in their search for food.

For now, the town of Weston will continue to monitor the situation and take steps to ensure the safety of its residents. In the meantime, people are advised to remain vigilant and take steps to protect themselves from the wild turkeys.