Land Rover Range Rover – Back to Basic

Land Rover Range Rover – Back to Basic

Range Rover P440e SE

€ 137,562

The new Range Rover is the cheapest in our rental climate if you are looking for a variety of plug-ins. From now on, the outlet Range Rover comes in two variants: P440e and P510e. Both versions have six 3.0-liter cylinders under the hood, only the power varies. Convenience serves people, because in order to see how much power the car involved has power, you just have to look at the numbers in the type structure. ‘Entry rate’ is therefore 440 hp. With a 38.2 kWh battery pack, you should be able to travel up to 113 miles on a single battery charge, according to Land Rover. Fast charging and charging speeds of up to 50 kW are also possible.

Do you prefer no plug-in? Then you pay at least € 175,473 for the P400 MHEV, a small hybrid that also has a six-liter 3.0-liter cylinder on board. Diesel drivers can get into the D250 MHEV for € 163,074. The new Range Rover is no longer available with four cylinders, because the entry-level diesel is also six cylinders. Do you prefer a little more space? Then you can also choose a long-wheel-drive Range Rover, which is available in order books like the P440e HSE from € 149,416. The seven-seat type is not available as PHEV, which means you have to put a minimum of € 183,839 on the table.

Too many options

In terms of body and engine styles, you are probably just as comfortable with your choice when designing a new Range Rover. Once you select the alternative you want, it does not end there. The new Range Rover is available as SE, HSE, Autobiography, SV and temporarily as the First Edition. It is beyond the scope of this section to describe all versions in detail, so we focus on the basic version of SE.

Land Rover sprinkles SE in unilak ‘Fuji White’ as usual. That is also the only color that does not cost money. For € 1,223 you can choose from seven metallic colors, a ‘high quality metallic color’, with a choice of four colors, costs € 2,375. If you still do not see the color you want, you can go for ‘SV Premium-Palet’ for € 5.601, with a choice of 21 other special color palettes. The most expensive color for the Range Rover is ‘Icy White’ in satin at a price of € 11,990. The color combination is very busy.

Range Rover

The roof is common in body color, but for € 1,068 you can also have it in black. A fixed glass roof is always available, for the sliding / bending section you pay € 326 more. The exterior accent of the Range Rover is basically the “Nickel Atlas” color as shown in the photo. Do you prefer these in black? Then you will have to pay € 916. The Range Rover rotates on the light 21-inch steel shown. Smaller sizes can be obtained at no additional cost, 22-inch wheels cost at least € 1,831. Range Rover watches at night with ‘Pixel LED’ lights. To make it easier to drive a large SUV in the parking space, front and rear parking sensors are also common. Non-key entry, soft closed doors and electric gate are also already included for the starting price. Towbar is a € 1,514 option.

Traditional Digit

In the interior, black leather and brown burr walnut with a matte finish is at the base of the Range Rover. The headboard is black on the pillars, but light on the roof. The upper and lower parts of the dashboard and door frames are covered with leather as usual. You sit in reclining chairs in 20 ways with reference and seat temperature. Climate control is divided into two zones as usual. The rear passengers also have heated seats and can electrically adjust their rear parts. The heated steamer costs € 265 more, for seat ventilation you must put € 916 on the table. If you prefer, you can also give rear passengers a seat ventilation for € 1,831.

Range Rover

Range Rover

The 13.1-inch touch screen of the Pivi Pro infotainment system boasts its place in the Range Rover interior. Digital ‘Interactive Driver Display’ is also common, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Meridian is responsible for a 400 watt sound system with 14 speakers and a subwoofer. If that is not enough, Land Rover also offers the Meridian 3D Surround Sound audio system with 18 speakers and 800 watts for € 1,630.

Range Rover is common in off-road area with Terrain Response 2 and electronic controlled air suspension. Systems such as Roll Stability Control, Horn Brake Control and Mountain Descent Control are included. Additionally, the Range Rover always has Blind Spot Assist, Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and board navigation controls on board. With the High Offroad Capacity Package you can further increase the Range Rover off-road capability by € 4,983. Then you will also get air suspension for ‘Variable Responses’, ‘Electronic Variations’ and adjustable Terrain 2 Response programs.

For a starting price you will certainly not get a small car, but that is also allowed for that amount. However, you can increase the price significantly in the configuration. An interesting option that Land Rover also offers is the ‘Tailgate Event Suite’ (€ 1,983), where you create two small seats on the trunk when you open the lid.