London.  A car crashed into a gate in Downing Road.  Passersby are running – recording

London. A car crashed into a gate in Downing Road. Passersby are running – recording

A man drove a passenger car to the entrance of Downing Street in London, where the seat of the British Prime Minister is located. The subject was arrested, according to the police, the incident is most likely not terrorist.

The incident happened in London on Thursday at 16:20, and its movement was recorded on camera. A small silver Kia car, which was traveling at high speed, safely crossed the road directly towards the entrance of the British Prime Minister’s office. A few meters in front of the gate, you can see how the car slows down, and then stops at the gate itself. The recordings show how passers-by, seeing the incident, start running.

The car pulled into the gates of Downing Street

One witness, quoted by the BBC, said the police arrived shortly after the car hit the barriers. A witness saw the officers draw their guns on the man and then restrain him. The attendants also searched the car and confiscated the driver’s mobile phone.

Whitehall, near Downing Street, where most government buildings are located, was partially evacuated following the incident. According to the BBC, traffic was soon restored and the police cordon was removed. No one was injured in the incident. It is known that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was in Downing Street at the time.

Someone drove his car into the gates of Downing StreetPAP/EPA – Tolga Akmen

Police: It was not an act of terrorism

London police said the incident is not currently being treated as an act of terrorism and regular police are investigating. At this time, it is unclear what the driver’s intentions were or if his action was intentional. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and charged with property damage and dangerous driving.

British media also noted that the incident did not appear to be a terrorist act. The car that entered the gate was moving slowly, and slowed down just before impact. In addition, the car had just left the car park at the British Ministry of Defense building, which is not accessible to everyone.

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The car hits the barriers near the White House

A similar incident occurred on Monday in the United States, when a car driver ran into security barriers near the White House. In this case, according to the preliminary results, the driver’s action was intentional, he has already been charged, including. death threats to the president of the United States.

Main image source: PAP/EPA – Tolga Akmen