Market overview.  Used Renault station wagons for cheap up to PLN 20,000: Laguna III and Megane III |

Market overview. Used Renault station wagons for cheap up to PLN 20,000: Laguna III and Megane III |

What is the cheapest car to buy? Renault Laguna III or Mégane III could be the answer. These cars will work very well as a family car, offering low running costs and plenty of space on board.

Most drivers are just looking for a functional, family-friendly vehicle. Such compactly developed parameters within many products are often met with several models – on the secondary market, a choice is often made between them. Renault Laguna III and Megane III, from the point of view of years, are the best example of this – both models meet the same requirements and offer a variety of interesting engines, including, of course, the required turbo 2.0, the price it has. recently it has been on the rise due to increased interest in dynamic drives and durable LPG installations.

Renault Mégane III

The third generation was released from 2008 to 2016, one of the most popular variants was a station wagon that can be used – among private customers and on the fleet where the majority of copies come from (we will recognize them by the common inferior equipment). The complicated shapes of the second generation were replaced by ovals and better anti-corrosion protection of the body. The only problem with the bodywork is the plastic edge that fades and the light lenses of the headlights – unfortunately, this is a common problem of modern cars. The compact Mégane’s interior ensures comfortable conditions for four adults. Basic seats are not attractive and comfortable – they are just enough, only seats from expensive equipment versions offer more.

To the surprise of many concerned, people over 185 cm tall will also find a comfortable place on the back sofa. The capacity of the luggage room catalog is 525 liters. Standard extras include dual climate control, sunroof, leather upholstery, Bose sound system, navigation, cruise control and a number of assistance systems. Megane III drives precisely, as befits a compact. It offers a successful combination of suspension comfort and confident behavior even at highway speeds. If you’re looking for something more rugged and sporty, the GT Line is the answer.

Depending on the wishes, we can choose petrol engines: 1.6 16V 100-110 HP, 1.2 TCe 115 HP, 1.4 TCe 130 HP, 2.0 16V 143 HP (necessary with continuously variable transmission) and 2.0-20 HP 2.0 Turbo. And the diesel group has units known 1.5 dCI 85-110 HP, 1.9 dCI 130 HP, 1.6 dCI 130 HP and 2.0 dCI 160 HP sought after. A large supply of used copies provides the opportunity to find a complete copy, although the search will be time-consuming.

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Renault Laguna III

One of the most affordable proposals in the middle class is the third generation Laguna. The last body of the model was produced from 2007 to 2015 – of course also with the body of the station wagon. As with the Mégane III, the larger Laguna also offers excellent corrosion protection regardless of age. The interior is beautifully designed, without stylistic experiments and quality mistakes – textiles and plastics are durable and tightly packed. In terms of dimensions, the cabin is subjectively a little big – for four adults the space is more than enough. The luggage space is small, still convertible 508 liters. As with other Renault models, it is easy to find a copy with many accessories. The additional list includes, for example, dual-zone climate control, an opening glass roof, leather upholstery, multimedia – updated during the facelift, several safety systems and the 4Control four-wheel drive system.

In fact, not all copies are equipped as shown by the Laguna III 2007 model released a few months ago, bought in a Polish showroom, there are also copies with manual climate control, without cruise control. The range of petrol engines opens with a very weak 1.6 16V 110 HP.

Only the 2.0 16V 140 HP engine from Nissan warehouses guarantees a smooth ride, without confusion – and the French 2.0 Turbo 170-204 HP engine, apart from high fuel consumption and rapidly increasing prices on the secondary market, has no weak points. The list of economical diesel engines available has a minimum power of 1.5 dCI 110 HP and a number of versions of 2.0 dCI 130-178 HP are highly regarded. In the case of a used car for PLN 20,000, the condition of a certain copy is usually decisive, especially since Megane III and Laguna III offer similar values ​​of use.

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