Maserati Levante – how to drive for 630,000?  Here are the test results

Maserati Levante – how to drive for 630,000? Here are the test results

Levante is a Mediterranean wind that is characterized by high volatility – in an instant a light wind can turn into a strong wind, blowing with great force. It was not for nothing that Maserati called the SUV, weighing more than 2 tons. It climbs easily and pleasantly, to show real power in the game mode. The Levante is already very impressive with its dimensions. At over 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and almost 1.7 meters tall, we sit higher than in the average SUV and have plenty of space in the front and back.

The body of the Levante is an architect’s expression of the balance of proportions, muscle and elegance. This SUV with a sports background, built on the Ghibli plate, is a visual jewel of true Italian style and chic, which is emphasized by the carving on the hood, the slightly sloping roof and the large grille, which proudly displays the characteristic trident. All this, in a way that is unique to Italian design, creates one of the most beautiful cars I have ever driven.

When I enter, I am surprised by the number of physical buttons. In new cars, even the middle ones, are increasingly being replaced by tactile ones. At the same time, the Maserati is beautiful and elegant, but the modernity that I would expect from a high-end brand is a little lacking, at least in front of the cockpit, although it must be admitted that the quality of the finish and the materials used are. top shelf. The screen on which most of the functions can be controlled is 8.4 inches and fits nicely between the vertical air vents.

The multimedia system works well and smoothly, it is built quite intuitively and moving around in that way is not a problem. However, I still have the opinion that for a car of this class, these 8.4 inches are not enough. However, I’m glad to see analog clocks on the dashboard. The illuminated indicators are a nice change from the soulless digital display, although the one used for communication with the driver is also between the clocks – the amount of information presented on it is sufficient, small and clear, exactly as it should be. .

The seats of a car of this size are also big and comfortable. This is where Maserati’s sporting heritage can be felt the most. Well organized, with integrated headrest, it provides sufficient support and comfort during long journeys, and adjustment in 12 different ways allows you to adjust to the preferences of each driver. Made of soft leather and refined in every detail is another great advantage of the Levante. The rear seat is also impressive and its size, armrest and drink holder are helpful, especially when children are traveling in the back.

Maserati also has functional storage areas – the front and back of the car will have places to store important things during the trip. In the middle of the cockpit, completely redundant, but very charming and characteristic for luxury products, an analog clock – I must admit that I often looked at it to check the time, so maybe it has more meaning than tradition.

I’m also surprised by the big, sporty steering wheel and even bigger aluminum shifters, and the fact that there is no wiper lever on the right. He finds it on the other side and finds it also pointing the turn signals as usual. During the first trip, every time I want to start the wipers, I usually reach for the empty space on the right, and when my brain moves to the left, I repeatedly hit the lever that pops up.

Before realizing that the windshield wipers are activated by a knife on the handle, and the washer works after pressing the end of the lever, falling snow and rain will effectively reduce my visibility. And one more surprise – volume control and multimedia. All the buttons for these functions are located on the back of the steering wheel arms and this is also not a very intuitive solution. Fortunately, the volume can also be changed with a knob on the panel next to the gearbox, and this is very easy to change.

Speaking of the gearbox, the eight-speed ZF transmission is smooth and quick. The following driving modes are available for Maserati: Normal, SPORT, Off-Road and ICE, and the Levante Trofeo also has a Corsa racing mode. Each of them allows you to see a different face of Maserati, according to the needs and preferences of the driver. The sound and stiffness of the suspension in Sport Mode makes it feel like it’s on the racetrack.

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Under the hood of the Levante is a three-liter V6 with 350 HP. After driving quiet and comfortable electric cars, I enter the combustion model with undisguised delight. The sound that fills the cabin is subtle and at the same time fun to drive. Even when driving at highway speeds, the cabin is relatively quiet. Driving comfort is also ensured by a well-tuned and precise steering system, air suspension and refined four-wheel drive. In addition, in SPORT mode, you can hear characteristic murmurs and acceleration in 6 seconds to “hundreds” allows you to feel the real power of this car. Despite heavy rain and strong winds, the Maserati Levante holds the road well even at high speeds. A comfortable SUV with a sporty spirit and unusual character, it also turns out to be an ideal family car.

The luggage compartment with a capacity of 580 liters can easily accommodate two large suitcases and other small luggage, inside we also find many work areas, the most interesting for me is the room that allows you to store a payment card in such a way. that it is always close at hand, ready to be taken out if necessary, although I personally pay by phone, I think it is a good place to get IDs or access cards.

With aggressive driving conditions, Maserati Lavante burns about 15 liters, in the combined cycle the fuel consumption indicator showed 13.8 liters. The manufacturer declares that fuel consumption in urban conditions is 9.3-9.5 liters / 100 km. Maybe it’s my heavy foot, and maybe the weather and climate, or maybe everything together meant that I couldn’t even reach the fuel consumption of 10 l / 100 km.

However, people who buy such a Maserati model, for a small amount of EUR 130,000 (about PLN 630,000), most likely do not think for a moment about the price of fuel or its consumption. The driving pleasure, the visuals and the wonderful character make up for everything. Especially when the service of the gas station with a smile asks “How much fuel for you”, talking about the power and driving experience and admitting that this is the first Maserati to appear alive. It is not surprising – Maserati is rarely seen on Polish roads – in 2021, only 65 cars of this brand were sold in our country. It is clearly a car for connoisseurs who love Italian style, chic and luxury with a touch of true southern temperament.

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